Finding the right bra isn’t always easy but once you do, they go beyond just comfort. It means getting a more figure-flattering look, better lift and support. Look out for these winners from Triumph:

1. Full Coverage bra

These bras are designed with a higher neckline, so they cover most of your bust. It minimizes spillage on either side of the bra giving you a smoother silhouette and provides firm support.

2. Sports bra

Made with stretchy and body-loving fabric, sports bras are comfortable for anyone to wear but especially for those with a bigger bust. They provide the best support and minimize movement. The added benefit is the temperature and sweat control that most sports bras provide.

3. Underwire bra

The wiring stitched along the bottom of these bras is made to provide additional support and better lift. This can also alleviate back and shoulder pain. There are many different types of underwire bras so be sure to find something that works with your body.

4. Side Support bra

With an additional strip of stitching on both sides, side-support bras reduce excessive movement that could cause pain and discomfort. It also reduces spillage for a sleeker silhouette.

5. Minimizer bra

Perfect to wear with tighter clothing, minimizer bras compress the bust giving a smaller appearance with no compromise on the shape and natural look of your body. The padding stitched into the bras make them comfortable too.

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