If you are participating in Movember this year, The Man Company can help you with your facial hair grooming. A month-long event to create awareness about men’s issues, including mental health and prostate cancer, men across the world grow out a moustache and have fun with unique styles to get a conversation around these sensitive subjects started. Make a difference with your moustache this year with the help of the best men’s grooming products. Read on for more…

Hair and Face Derma Roller

Made with 540 0.5mm chromium needles with a titanium finish, this derma roller can be used on the scalp as well as facial hair. It causes micro-punctures in the skin, increasing blood circulation and collagen supply. It also increases the nutrient supply to your follicles. This is said to boost hair growth and improve overall hair health.

Beard Oil

This beard oil is a must-have in your The Man Company kit even after Movember. The oil is power-packed with Vitamin E – an ingredient that nourishes skin and hair. Infused with almond and thyme, the fragrant oil moisturises your hair from root to tip while also leaving your skin soft and smooth. Silky smooth strands will make your moustache and beard easier to style too.

Charcoal Cleansers

Facial hair grooming goes hand-in-hand with skincare. This combination of charcoal cleansers is the best The Man Company grooming product you can get your hands on. It comes with a Charcoal Peel-Off Mask, Charcoal Face Wash and Charcoal Face Scrub.

Activated charcoal has become a popular skincare ingredient because of its ability to cleanse deeply, removing oil and dirt build up without also absorbing nutrition from the skin. Thereby, it not only cleanses and detoxifies your skin but also leaves it hydrated.

Beard Growth Serum

If you have trouble growing a full beard or moustache, a beard growth serum may be just what you need. Formulated with Coffee Arabica and Biotin, it hydrates and nourishes facial hair, strengthening and adding volume and shine to it. It also provides your skin with the essential nutrients it needs to boost hair growth.

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Beard Wax

Say goodbye to an unruly beard and moustache with The Man Company’s Beard Wax. Massage a small amount of the wax into your hair before combing it for a smooth and stylised look. This beard wax is made with almond, thyme and Argan oil – three essential ingredients with the rich nutrients for your skin and hair. Try out different moustache styles with this must have product for Movember.

Beard Softening Cream

Have you been wondering which is the best product of The Man Company? This beard softening cream definitely makes the list! It is infused with Argan oil, mint and aloe vera extract, each with its own benefits. These natural ingredients reduce beard itch, moisturise the skin and nourish facial hair to give you a soft, smooth and manageable mane.

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Hadline Linda

So glad I came across this article on the man company and its products! I have already used the charcoal cleansers and loved it.


I am in love with The Man Company grooming products. They are of absolute great quality. I am glad I got my hands on them after reading this blog