Revlon India’s beauty expert Bianca Hartkopf is one of India’s most touted make-up artists, and Sonam Kapoor, Katrina Kaif and countless covers of Vogue, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar are proof of her magical powers. The make-up superstar gave us her top tips on how to steer through monsoon looking flawless. Here’s some beauty advice from the expert herself:

You are no stranger to the Indian monsoons, what is the one major change you make in your skincare during the rains?

I exfoliate more regularly. The excess moisture speeds up oil production and clogs the pores faster; gentle exfoliation really helps open the pores, remove dead skin and return radiance. I also switch out heavier cream based products for lighter ones as my skin is to oily during this period . Avoidiong any moisteriser and using Revlon Photoshoready primer before I apply make up makes my skin smooth and monsoon ready .

What would you say is perfect monsoon make-up?

It’s humid, so keeping it light and letting your skin breathe is the best way to go. Revlon PhotoReady BB cream or just a concealer for coverage, instead of a heavy foundation .Best to use waterproof mascara and lip a lip stain is perfect. Pick a classic red matte lipstick for an evening out. Revlon Ultra HD lipstick with high definition gel that allows for the true color to stay on in one coat . My favourite color is Rouge A Levres .

One way to look made-up without all the make-up, according to you, is?

A great lipstick. It works wonders and requires minimal time and effort. Push slightly out of your comfort zone and choose a shade that makes your face pop. If you are a brown lipstick girl – try pink or peach . don’t be scared to go for changr this monsoon .
How to avoid a monsoon meltdown?

Use all things waterproof and stick with matte finish. To make your lipstick longer, use a lip liner o colour your lips fully before applying the lipstick and finally blot with a tissue. Carry Blot papers in your handbag. Revlon ColorStay Lip Liner is my best choice before applying Lipsticks this monsoon season.

Any other advice?

Keeping the hair clean is really important as it keeps touching the face and can cause infection. Use a mild shampoo to wash hair and avoid colouring. Finally, this is an advice I give everyone, drink water and exercise regularly.

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