The sensitive Cancerian, man or woman, will seldom be found going over the top in any of their fashion choices and if they do, it’s always thought through carefully. Like the crab, some Cancerians do go into their shells but for the most part, Cancerians like to shine, make a statement even, but tempered with classic style and quiet confidence. The Cancer lucky colour, White is the colour of purity but also of passion, positivity and perfection – the star sign that achievers such as Priyanka Chopra and Selena Gomez were born under.

Top up with the Cancer zodiac lucky color, white

A white top – lacy sleeves (so feminine), a quirky print or polka dots against White – is pretty and super versatile. Check out the collection from Ginger and pick what catches your fancy and match with pretty much any shade in lowers, from pastels to a shocking Pink (yes, White makes a stunning frame with Pink, perfect for the Cancerian who likes to be centre-stage). White, this season is particularly good for quick-wear t-shirts, for men and women.

Check out some cool numbers for men from Code and Louis Phillipe Sport – the latter with an interesting spot of colour splashes. Bored of t-shirts? Add a variation with a White shirt from Louis Phillipe with a subtle print – light denims or khaki pants work up the casual feel. Or if you like, try a deep Olive colour for that tropical vibe.

1.LP SPORT Men Printed Slim Fit Casual Shirt

2.CODE Men Printed Regular Fit Casual Shirt

3.CODE Men Printed Polo T-shirt

4.U.S. POLO ASSN. Men Colourblocked Polo T-shirt

5.LP SPORT Men Printed Crew Neck T-Shirt

6.BOSSINI Men Printed Crew Neck T-Shirt

7.UCLA Men Printed Regular Fit Shorts

8.UCLA Men Printed Regular Fit Shorts

9.UCLA Men Solid Slim Fit Elasticated Track Pants

10.FAME FOREVER Men Solid Elasticated Joggers

Perfect for the season of sun & rain

White shorts for women are classic summer and monsoon casual wear. The pair from Bossini has a wonderful texture to it that sets it apart from the usual denims. White pants or shorts are perfect for the Cancer man as well – remember, the Cancer man is always in touch with his feminine side and makes for an intuitive, caring partner. Joggers from Fame Forever and track pants from UCLA are must-buys for the Cancer man. And if wish to take up the casual style a notch higher, add the White printed shorts, also from UCLA.

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Cancer women universally love all things feminine. They dote on the subtle frills, the retro bows (nostalgia is big with the Cancerian), floral prints, the little delicate touches and details. Dresses are their thing, and nothing like a White dress – cool, soothing and so Cancer! Whether it’s a tiered midi dress from Colour Me or a belted A-line dress from Code, there are several choices at Lifestyle Stores this season for you to seek out your special White dress to celebrate your month and herald in a new year in your life.

1_GINGER Women Solid Square Neck Top with Lace Sleeves

2.GINGER Women Mickey Mouse Print Round Neck T-shirt

3.GINGER Women Printed Top

4.GINGER Women Printed Short Sleeves Casual Shirt

5.COLOUR ME Women Printed Tiered Midi Dress

6.COLOUR ME Women Checked A-line Dress

7.AND Women Solid Regular Fit Jeans

8.KAPPA Women Printed Joggers

9.BOSSINI Women Textured Shorts

10.CODE Women Printed High-Low A-Line Dress with Belt

Expert Takeaways for the Cancerian:

• Cancerians love comfortable and cosy layers. With the colder months coming in, now’s the time to think of jackets, sweaters or cardigans you can add to your outfits
• Give in to your feminine side by amping up the accessories in your outfits. Top them off with pretty jewellery, handbags and more. And for the Cancerian man, a timeless watch and eye-catching shoes will add that zing to your look
• Since you’re all about classic styles, investing in a few forever pieces will go a long way in how well your wardrobe is stocked
• Pair your whites with ruby red add-ons or rubies as accessories (Rubies are lucky stones for Cancerians and stand for passion.)

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