Haven’t we all had days when what to wear was the biggest challenge of the day? Sometimes it could be out of sheer confusion caused by too many clothes or maybe just not knowing what all you own. If you have faced this nagging problem time and again, then it’s time you consider creating a capsule wardrobe and make life easier. After all, don’t we all know how fussy men can be when it comes to dressing up? So, let’s just burst the myth that men are not finicky and save you time and trouble with some tips on creating a capsule wardrobe for men!

What is a capsule wardrobe?

Though the term capsule wardrobe came into being in the 1940s, it was adopted by a boutique owner in London, Susie Faux, in the 1970s and then popularized by Donna Karan in the mid-80s. The journey of this term shows us how a capsule wardrobe is not just a trend or a fad which can fade away, but that it has been time tested and has passed with flying colours. So, coming to what a capsule wardrobe really is – it is a collection of a few pieces of clothing which never go out of style, the timeless classics which can be mixed and matched with other garments. These are versatile and interchangeable enough to uncomplicate your fashion on a daily basis.

A capsule wardrobe, if built correctly, can save you time and money as you will have all that you need at hand at all times. Forget the times when you went through your closet dumbfounded with the variety or the lack of it which made you run out to pick a missing piece just before a big occasion. It’s all here, and you have the liberty to play around with the pieces, experiment and create a new outfit every day.

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So, let’s get down to making a perfect capsule wardrobe for men without further ado.

How do you make a capsule wardrobe for men in 2021?

Let’s start at the beginning! Lay out all the items you wear, emptying out your wardrobe for now. Make space for the minimalist wardrobe for men that’s about to make a grand entry and take away all the hassle you thought your style is.

Athleisure it is

Athleisure is a word coined from “athletic” and “leisure”, but it’s not limited to the gym. It’s a statement attire that emits a more chilled-out vibe. Joggers, tracks, hoodies and lace-up shoes make up this trendy style. You better have some of these in your capsule wardrobe as these are more than essential to follow the fashion forward trend. You can start with Kappa’s solid elasticated trackpants with drawstrings – a range starting from just Rs. 999. Team these solids with a Bossini regular fit Henley t-shirt. Long sleeves on this clingy t-shirt will give you those bad-boy vibes. Go one more step and put on Forca’s textured lace-up shoes with a mesh panel and you will be rocking it – stylish and practical all in one! A good pair of lace-ups will take you a long way, pun intended!

3.KAPPA Men Solid Elasticated Trackpants
KAPPA Men Solid Elasticated Trackpants – Click here to buy now
3.BOSSINI Men Solid Regular Fit Henley T-shirt
BOSSINI Men Solid Regular Fit Henley T-shirt- Click here to buy now
1.FORCA Men Textured Lace-Up Shoes
FORCA Men Textured Lace-Up Shoes- Click here to buy now

Lounge all day

Well, 2021 has been an extension of 2020 when we consider stay-at-home or WFH culture that has suddenly crept into our lives. These days demand extra comfort and pampering so make sure the pieces you pick offer that and more. And what pampers more than a pair of denims and t-shirts! Forca’s slim fit jeans – a denim collection that starts at Rs. 999 – will lend you the comfort along with style with its featured dark wash. Pair it with Forca’s stripped crew neck t-shirt or you can also look at Fame Forever’s Polo neck t-shirt with short sleeves and you have aced the casual look today. Fill up your wardrobe with Polo t-shirts starting at just Rs. 499! The best thing about slim fit jeans and a t-shirt is that they offer a super-cool quotient along with casual charm.
Stepping out to run an errand, throw on a jacket like Code’s solid bomber jacket in Grey with the buttoned-down front and mock collar and take your style up a notch. Why stop at that though, the Blue Forca solid lace-up shoes will add that spring in your step.

1.FORCA Dark Washed Slim Fit Jeans
FORCA Dark Washed Slim Fit Jeans- Click here to buy now
2.FORCA Men Striped Crew Neck T-shirt
FORCA Men Striped Crew Neck T-shirt- Click here to buy now
1.FAME FOREVER Men Solid Polo Neck T-Shirt
FAME FOREVER Men Solid Polo Neck T-Shirt- Click here to buy now
1.CODE Men Solid Bomber Jacket
CODE Men Solid Bomber Jacket- Click here to buy now
2.FORCA Men Solid Lace-Up Shoes
FORCA Men Solid Lace-Up Shoes- Click here to buy now

Casuals calling

Many of us have closets over-stuffed with casuals but a capsule wardrobe for men demands that you streamline it. Solid colours are always easier to match with anything, so keep a shirt in White, Blue or Black that will be your go-to nonchalant look. Have a look at Forca’s regular fit casual shirt in White with long sleeves or go for the VH Sports slim fit casual Blue shirt with short sleeves and a spread collar. They will take you through multiple seasons if you layer them up with Forca’s full-sleeved denim jacket. Pull up your fave denims or Black Forca slim tapered fit jeans with traditional 5 pockets. A pair of Beige or Khaki chinos are another casual staple that you can look into. Have a go at Louis Philippe Sport checked chinos with a tapered fit which is designed to be snug and comfortable for all-day wear. Couple them with shoes like Code’s textured loafers and you are all set with your modern-day Greek God aura.

1.FORCA Men Solid Regular Fit Casual Shirt
FORCA Men Solid Regular Fit Casual Shirt- Click here to buy now
3.VH SPORTS Men Solid Slim Fit Casual Shirt
VH SPORTS Men Solid Slim Fit Casual Shirt- Click here to buy now
2.FORCA Men Solid Full Sleeve Denim Jacket
FORCA Men Solid Full Sleeve Denim Jacket- Click here to buy now
1.LP SPORTS Men Checked Slim Tapered Chinos
LP SPORTS Men Checked Slim Tapered Chinos- Click here to buy now
4.CODE Men Textured Loafers
CODE Men Textured Loafers- Click here to buy now

A Formal setting

No matter how much you love your homey style, certain occasions will call for a more polished guise. Well-groomed men in formals are a sight worth remembering.

A crisp button-down is an absolute must in your capsule wardrobe for men. Check out this Black Code slim-fit shirt with a spread collar and long sleeves. Match it with woollen blend trousers and Code’s textured formal derby shoes with lace-up closures and believe us, you will make heads turn. A gelled-hair sleek look can be the ultimate killer with these curated pieces, so do add that touch.

2.CODE Men Solid Slim Fit Formal Shirt
CODE Men Solid Slim Fit Formal Shirt- Click here to buy now
3.CODE Men Textured Formal Derby Shoes
CODE Men Textured Formal Derby Shoes- Click here to buy now

Pro tip: It’s always a good thing to notice which piece of clothing you have been reaching for the most. That go-to of yours might not be an essential but just your comfort piece. So, keep it and try to pair it up with the other pieces. It might just be your lucky charm!

In a nutshell, looking good in a jiffy is what a capsule wardrobe is all about.

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Harshal Chavan

A capsule wardrobe is something you can wear without thinking to match your daily style and all the collections can be easily mixed and matched over time. If you go through this blog, you’ll come to know that what are the pieces that can be included in a capsule wardrobe for men, about the neutral colour, also some classic styles which remain in trend and are must be included in a capsule wardrobe for men.

Prashant Moorthy

Having a capsule wardrobe of my own was on my checklist, and finally, I did it. For people like me who are not fashion freaks, this article on capsule wardrobe for men is going to be insightful. The products suggested are tremendous and give a better idea of what to look for while shopping—a must-read blog article for newbies like me.

Sanket Kulkarni

I had heard so much about capsule wardrobe but had no idea what it really is. Thankfully this article helped me understand what it exactly is while also helping me build my capsule wardrobe for men.

Godson Fernandes

I came to know about the capsule wardrobe for men concept via this blog. This was very helpful to me to keep my closet ready for all occasions.