Do you sometimes struggle in the morning to find an outfit to put together? Or do you feel like you have a lot of clothes but not a lot of complete outfits? Then building a capsule wardrobe may be a good idea for you. Read on to get some inspiring capsule wardrobe outfit ideas that will help you seamlessly create an unforgettable OOTD…

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How to build a capsule wardrobe

Before we get into the best way to build a capsule wardrobe, let’s take a look at what a capsule wardrobe is. The term capsule wardrobe was first coined in the 1970s. Although there are different versions of what a capsule wardrobe should look like, ranging from creating a completely minimalist wardrobe to one just to get you through each season, all these definitions have one thing in common. A capsule wardrobe refers to a collection of versatile and timeless clothing pieces to put together separate outfits with those pieces alone. So no matter the season or trend making the rounds, you’ll have a wardrobe of stylish outfits ready for your every occasion and mood.

Apart from getting a wardrobe full of outfits you’ll love to put on, creating a capsule wardrobe has some added benefits. It gives you the chance to go through your closet and either discard/repurpose clothes that don’t fit or you don’t like, so you can replace them. It also means spending lesser time while getting ready. Since your wardrobe will only have your favourite garments, you can wear something you like every day!

So before you put together your capsule wardrobe, the first step is to pull out everything in your closet. That includes clothes, handbags, shoes, jewellery, sunglasses and anything else you wear. Choose the ones you like that fit into these fundamental wardrobe categories and decide what to keep and discard.

Pro tip: While building your capsule wardrobe, make sure to pick styles that suit your body shape and sense of fashion so you can look good and feel comfortable in everything you wear.

Capsule wardrobe checklist

Here’s a concise capsule wardrobe 2021 checklist with six essential categories that will help you create the aesthetic you want:

1. Get active

Whether you like being active or just love the athleisure vibe, putting together a few pants, tops and jackets from this category is a must on this list of capsule wardrobe ideas. The solid-coloured round neck t-shirt from Kappa in Mauve is a good addition. Paired with Maroon tights, it’s the perfect activewear look. You can also build a similar look by switching up a t-shirt with a sports bra instead, like the Olive Green bra from Kappa with a geometric print. Top off these outfits with a layer like the hooded sports jacket in Pink, also from Kappa. All these pieces – t-shirts, tights, sports bras and jackets – can be mixed and matched with your casual looks and loungewear too.

1.KAPPA Women Solid Round Neck T-shirt 2.KAPPA Women Printed Tights 3.KAPPA Women Hooded Sports Jacket

2. 24/7 comfort at home

The one category of clothing your wardrobe absolutely needs is loungewear and nightwear. Loungewear became especially popular in 2020 while most people stayed indoors throughout the year, and there’s no doubt that it has become a fashion staple that is here to stay. And just as with your activewear, most of your loungewear can be matched with some of your casual wear.

1.GINGER Women Printed Night Dress 2.GINGER Women Striped Lounge Shorts 3.KRAUS Women Medium Washed High-Rise Flared Jeans

A pair of medium washed high-rise flared denims from Kraus teamed with a typographic printed t-shirt in Pink to lounge around at home. If you’re wearing denims at home, flared denims are a good bet since they’re loose-fitting and let you move around freely. You could also try a pair of lounge shorts in a Black and White striped pattern. You can match it with a basic t-shirt in White, Black or even Navy-Blue.

Ginger is always a good brand to turn to for that beauty sleep – the knee-length nightdress in Green with the graphic print on the front is a comfortable choice.

3. Everyday casuals

Casual wear garments will probably take up the most space in your capsule wardrobe. The most seamless way to add casual pieces to your closet is by sticking to basics – solid-coloured clothes that are easy to match with different looks.

Since no closet is complete without denims, this is a good place to start. Black or Blue denims will go with almost anything, so pick a few pairs like Ginger’s stonewashed tapered fit jogger denims. A pair of skinny fit denims can be added for casual and semi-formal looks.

1.CODE Women Striped Bardot Dress 2.CODE Women Solid Culottes 3.GINGER Stonewashed Tapered Fit Jogger Jeans

If you like trousers, then that’s the next garment you should add to your wardrobe. From cropped trousers and paperbag varieties to elasticated trousers and straight pants, you can pick out the trouser style that suits your body the best. When picking your trousers, go for neutral or muted colours like Code’s Olive Green culottes so you can create multiple easy-to-wear yet chic outfits.

A few basic t-shirts like Bossini’s textured short sleeve t-shirt with a V-neck design in a Teal Green will complete your casual wear section.

4. Formalwear

If you choose your formal looks well, you will be able to wear them with various outfits just like the other categories. Tops with ruffles, pleated detailing, flutter sleeves or simple embroidery like Schiffli designs can complement both formal and informal looks. A good example of this is Van Heusen’s solid ruffled shirt in a deep Maroon Red colour. Just like casual trouser varieties, invest in a few trousers that can be styled in more than one way, like the regular fit cropped trousers in Black, also from Van Heusen. A simple layering over these looks like Bossini’s open-front jacket with a shawl collar will add that finishing touch they need.

1.VAN HEUSEN Women Solid Ruffled Shirt 2.BOSSINI Women Solid Open-Front Jacket 3.VAN HEUSEN Women Solid Regular Fit Cropped Trousers

5. Layering

Layers are a must in creating ever-stylish outfits that are well put together. An open jacket can just as easily be layered over a blouse and pair of trousers as it could over a t-shirt and denims. A denim jacket can be worn over your casuals as well as over athleisure looks. If you opt for the right silhouettes, you can learn how to mix and match like a pro.

1.AND Women Solid Open-Front Jacket 2.GINGER Women Solid Biker Jacket 3.GINGER Women Stonewashed Denim Jacket

Pick easy-to-style pieces like the open-front jacket from AND in a Navy Blue colour. The lapel collar and long sleeves make it a versatile piece. Ginger’s solid biker jacket in a Light Pink is another layer that can be used in various outfits, just like the stonewashed denim jacket, also from Ginger.

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6. Accessories

And now to add the finishing touches that will tie all your outfits together, the last category on this list of capsule wardrobe ideas is accessories. This includes shoes, handbags, watches, scarves, belts, jewellery and more. Depending on your personal style, you can invest in the ones that you wear the most. The only thing to remember is that you should pick classics rather than standalone pieces that are hard to match, as with the other categories.

1.MELANGE Women Embellished Ballerinas 2.BAGGIT Women Textured Handheld Bag 3.ESPRIT Women Analog Watch with Metal Strap - ES1L106M0105

To give you a place to start building your accessories collection, here are a few that you may like. A pair of Black embellished ballerinas from Melange by Lifestyle can be paired with casual and formal looks alike. The same goes for the textured handheld bag in Olive Green from Baggit – the Gold detailing will complement other Gold accessories. A timeless watch from a brand like Esprit is another must-have accessory. The analogue style and the Gold and Silver detailing makes it easy to pair with any outfit.

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Pallavi Shah

Earlier, I always struggled in the morning to find the outfit, but thanks to this blog on capsule wardrobe outfit ideas. After going through this blog, I’m all set. Finally, I don’t have to struggle anymore & have a wardrobe of stylish outfits ready for your every occasion and mood.


It is always difficult to change your wardrobe, but the tips mentioned in the blog helps you to change your wardrobe so conveniently. I used the pro tips mentioned in the blog while shopping; also, thanks for the capsule wardrobe outfit ideas. It saved my time