It’s summertime and just like your wardrobe deserves a seasonal update, so does your perfume collection. Smell is one of our strongest senses and your choice of fragrance can make or break an entire look, specially because of the sweat that comes with the tropical heat. 2019 has a lot in store for us, perfumery-wise. From spicy to citrus-y to floral and fresh, this year’s summer fragrance trends have something for everyone. So, let’s take a sniff at some of the season’s must-have perfumes that’ll help you beat the heat while smelling amazing!


Citrus is cool

Are you always known to be Alpha man or woman wherever you go? Do you always lead the pack? If that’s the case, we are pretty sure citrus-based sharp fragrances are your most favorite of the lot. These scents are mostly loved by people who are ambitious, born leaders and highly strong-willed. These sharp, tangy, fruity punches of fragrance can offset your smart, stylish summer looks perfectly – be it at work or at play. So, just spray a burst or two of your new orange-lemony fragrance and slay that business presentation at the Monday morning meeting!

Floral is fun

There’s nothing a fresh floral fragrance wafting through their air – whether from the blossoming trees or from you! Floral scent lovers could be quite fun loving and chirpy, and this smell can be your absolute summer favorite. Floral scents are all about indulging in the heady fragrance of roses, jasmines, lavenders, or carnations. People who love these fragrances are always up for a party or an impromptu road trip. So, if you are such a carefree, bubbly person, you just need a fresh floral perfume in place for the season to go with your fun summer dresses & shorts!


Earthy-Woody is elegant

The warm and intense earth-woody perfumes are the definite choice of classy, high-achieving people. They are generally a mix of spicy scents and sandalwood notes, that spread a lot of cosy vibes all around. If you are a lover of this genre of fragrance, you are nothing less than a complete perfectionist. You excel in every field, and are the biggest critic of yourself. You are a complete go-getter and deserve a pat on the back for all your achievements. So, spray on that woody cologne and get ready to impress everyone as you step out in style this summer.

Musky is magical

People who wear musky scents are coolly mysterious, moody and intense personalities. They are always a step ahead of everyone else and attract people with their artful mind and direct tongue. Such people give much more importance to emotions and sentiments than monetary or materialistic values. So, if you are a lover of musky fragrances, people can smell those intense, heady notes from a mile away! Choose a long-lasting musky, spicy perfume this season that’ll speak volume about your personality, especially on that special date night.

Choosing a fragrance is like choosing a Facebook profile picture – something that accurately defines your personality and needs some thought to choose. If you are on the lookout for that perfect summer fragrance, then head over to Lifestyle now, and shop from a wide variety of the coolest perfumes from some of the best brands around!

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