10 SPF makeup products you need for sun protection

Summer or not, sun protection is a must all year round. Although most people think that the sun only affects you in the summer...
What's hyaluronic acid, and should you add it to your routine?

What’s hyaluronic acid, and should you add it to your routine?

Hyaluronic acid… the one skincare buzzword that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Although it came onto the skincare scene a while ago, recently,...

8 makeup essentials for your travel makeup bag

Packing for a vacation or even a business trip can be quite overwhelming, especially if it’s not something you often do. There are so...

Lakme: 5 powerful ingredients to do away with all skin problems

Are you struggling with dull, lifeless skin? Or have you noticed more inflammation, blemishes and acne on your face lately? Although not every single...
8 essential oils your skin really needs

8 essential oils your skin really needs

Essential oils have been a part of beauty rituals since time immemorial and are now back in the spotlight, with beauty trends being more...

8 ways to take better care of your hair this summer

Do you wish you had that bouncy, voluminous hair you always see? It’s not as hard as you think! As much as we love...
5 sleeping habits that may be ruining your skin

5 sleeping habits that may be ruining your skin

When it comes to getting that gorgeous glowing skin, it’s not only about a good skincare routine or using the right products. Of course,...
7 DIY hair masks that will keep all hair problems at bay

7 DIY hair masks that will keep all hair problems at bay

Dryness, brittleness, damage, frizz… we all have hair problems at some point even if we do all the right things. Sometimes your hair just...
Beauty. Close up of attractive stylish woman applying make up, holding brush and cute pocket mirror, smiling satisfied at camera, standing over blue background.

10 skin routine tips for warm weather

The cold months are behind us, and as much as we love the warm, balmy feeling of being out in the sun, it comes...

10 wellness tips for the new year

With the new year comes new goals, things to do, job changes or any other significant events that may come your way. As busy...

6 things you need to stand out on a video call

If you’re getting ready for a video interview, client meeting or just a meet-up with your colleagues, you will want to make sure that...

10 ways to take better care of your skin in this year

Youthful and glowing skin doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a matter of building a habit around your skincare and creating a daily routine that you...

Best Secret Santa gifts under Rs. 1,000

Finding the right Secret Santa gift can be tricky, especially if you are gifting someone with whom you’re not particularly close to. But whether...

10 makeup products for the best party look

It’s officially the party month and if you’re looking to perfect your makeup look before going out, then keep on reading. Whether you’re going...

8 face creams to protect your skin from winter dryness

Good skin is a gift bestowed by our genes – or so the belief goes. But even genes can give no fight to the...

7 Eyeshadow Palettes to ace all your Makeup looks

If you’re a makeup enthusiast, nothing seems more enticing than a new eyeshadow palette. Not one, but several shades of matte and glittery colours...

8 Best Beard Care Products For Movember

If you are one of the many guys taking part in No Shave November or Movember this year, then here are 8 best beard...
best face oils for glowing skin

8 best face oils for glowing skin

Facial oils are some beauty products that many skincare experts swear by, but recently they have garnered a lot more attention than they used...

Show some love for your parents this National Parents Day

After Mother's Day on May 9th and Father's Day on June 20th, National Parents Day is celebrated on July 25th to show our love...

10 hair care tips for healthier, glossier hair

Say goodbye to those bad hair days forever during the monsoon season by incorporating a good hair care routine into your schedule. If you’re...

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