5 Beauty Essentials That Will Take You From Day To Night

Don’t you hate it when you’ve had a long day at work and your friends make impromptu plans to meet? And there you are...

10 ways to take better care of your skin in this year

Youthful and glowing skin doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a matter of building a habit around your skincare and creating a daily routine that you...

8 Things to do with loved ones during lockdown

Interesting things to do in lockdown : If you’re stuck at home because of the lockdown, these 8 simple things you can do with...

Stay Fit By Being A Part Of The Kappa Fitness Mania

Each year we start off by resolving to fix our lack of fitness and try to sneak in exercise into our daily routine by hitting...

Take On The Cold Season With These Hot Skincare Tips

We all love the crisp coolness & holiday cheer of winter, but let’s face it; it comes with the dread of dry skin, itchiness,...

Style tips for your star sign: Sagittarius

If you’re a Sagittarius, your month’s coming up (November 22 – December 21). We know that you’re humorous with a penchant for pranks and...

Eye Makeup When Wearing Face Masks

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-RbZOURgMc&feature=youtu.be Gone are the days when makeup meant bright lipstick and contouring. Now it’s all in the eyes! Spice up those face mask looks with...

Summer Skincare Tips To Help You Beat The Heat

Well, say hello to that time of the year, when hot tea becomes a little less favourable and lemonade takes the top position on...

Here’s Why You Should Stop Your Diet And Just Start Running

Losing weight without having to give up on desserts is every woman’s fantasy. If you are one of those foodies who have a pretty...

Lakme: 5 powerful ingredients to do away with all skin problems

Are you struggling with dull, lifeless skin? Or have you noticed more inflammation, blemishes and acne on your face lately? Although not every single...
Goa monsoon beach getaway

5 Places In India For The Perfect Monsoon Weekend Getaways

We all know of tons of places to head for the perfect summer vacation or plan the ideal winter holidays, but what to do...
7 DIY hair masks that will keep all hair problems at bay

7 DIY hair masks that will keep all hair problems at bay

Dryness, brittleness, damage, frizz… we all have hair problems at some point even if we do all the right things. Sometimes your hair just...

Festive Hairstyles That Never Go Out of fashion

https://youtu.be/x-AccSkzq04 No matter how cute your outfit is, getting your hair styled perfectly for the festivities is a must to complete your look. There is...

Level up your skincare with these DIY body masks

Face masks. Hair masks. Why not full body masks too? Body masks or scrubs have all the many benefits a facial or hair mask...

Types Of People You Meet At The Gym

We all have love-hate relationships with the gym. At the beginning of each year, we swear to be a regular there, and by the...
best face oils for glowing skin

8 best face oils for glowing skin

Facial oils are some beauty products that many skincare experts swear by, but recently they have garnered a lot more attention than they used...

Go Natural- Air-Dry your Hair for a Change!

Okay, so blow drying your hair can be a pretty nifty option, but can there really be such a thing as too much blow-dry?...

Quit Smoking And Buy These Cool Things With The Money Saved Instead

The World No Tobacco Day is observed all over the globe every year on the 31st of May and aims to spread awareness and...
Lifestyle skincare launch

5 Must-Have Skincare Products This Season

With every new, exciting make-up product that makes its way into your vanity case, you need to also think of how to take care...

Let’s Face It: The Make-up Trends For SS ’19

Changing your make-up game according to the new trends of the season can give your fashion looks a fresh perspective this Spring. When you...

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