Ring In The New Year At These Offbeat Destinations

With the New Year weekend coming up, it’s the perfect opportunity of welcoming 2018 with a bang. This time, escape the city’s hustle bustle...

The Hottest Pinterest Make-up Trend You Need To Try- Color-Block Eye-Shadow

Paintbox Brights is becoming a universal favorite as women are fighting pastels with bolds on their makeup palette. There’s no other trend that awakens...

How to care for your hair: 8 monsoon tips

Going from the scorching summer heat to the wet, humid weather of the monsoon season can bring about changes in your hair, and unfortunately,...

Festive Hairstyles That Never Go Out of fashion

https://youtu.be/x-AccSkzq04 No matter how cute your outfit is, getting your hair styled perfectly for the festivities is a must to complete your look. There is...

Summer Skincare Tips To Help You Beat The Heat

Well, say hello to that time of the year, when hot tea becomes a little less favourable and lemonade takes the top position on...

Beauty Hacks For Wearing Red Lips

It’s classic, it’s glamorous, it’s sexy, it’s elegant, it’s bold, it’s powerful and it’s all kinds of awesome - The red lip. The most...

Why you should use facial serums during the festive season

You probably already have a skincare routine that you follow religiously. Even if not, you most likely have a trusted moisturiser and other beauty...

Skincare Tips You Need For A Hazard-Free Holi

Holi is that one Indian festival that's all about playing with colours, loud music, delicious food (read gujiyas) and of course having a complete...

Pretty Summer Nails With Ginger Play Paint

Summer is here and so are the gorgeous new nail trends on the block. Summer vibes are all around, and we are indulging in...

Beauty Secrets from Jacqueline Fernandes

Jacqueline Fernandes has arrived and she is making her presence felt on every front- acting, fashion, fitness et all. This Sri Lankan beauty is...

5 Ways To Spice Up Your Ethnic Wear Looks

https://youtu.be/tUgVY7XxUgY What better way to add a snazzy upgrade to your festive season looks than to pair the perfect accessories to complete your outfit! 1. Shimmery...

10 ways to take better care of your skin in this year

Youthful and glowing skin doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a matter of building a habit around your skincare and creating a daily routine that you...
best face oils for glowing skin

8 best face oils for glowing skin

Facial oils are some beauty products that many skincare experts swear by, but recently they have garnered a lot more attention than they used...
polo red-extreme-ralph lauren pefume fore men

Five Must-Have Fragrances This Season

Indian summers mean intense sweating which brings with it the risk of body odour. Hence, a good perfume is a must-have essential for both...

Pucker Up In Style With Lifestyle Lush Lips

There’s surely something about summer that brings all the rainbows into play, including new fun summer make-up looks! Newest lip trends are finding their...
trendy perfumes AW 16

Stay On Top Of The Smell-Good Game This Season With These Unbeatable Fragrances

In today’s age of hasty impressions, quick friendships, instant bondings and fast fashion; smelling good is equally as important as looking good. Your fragrance...

Yoga Is The Answer To A Better Life

Yoga enthusiasts all over the world are celebrating International Yoga Day on the 21st June - have you hopped on the wagon yet? We...
monsoon beauty essentials

The Most Indispensible Beauty Products For The Rainy Season

If you are one of those who think you can use the same beauty products throughout the year, then it’s high time you read...

Monsoon skincare: How to keep that glow

While the monsoon brings a new season with cooler weather and cosy rainy evenings, it also brings with it a lot of skin and...
What's hyaluronic acid, and should you add it to your routine?

What’s hyaluronic acid, and should you add it to your routine?

Hyaluronic acid… the one skincare buzzword that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Although it came onto the skincare scene a while ago, recently,...

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