tattoo trends 2016

The New Tattoo Trends That’ll Make You Want To Get Inked

A tattoo has long ceased to become a symbol of revolutionary attitude & a visible sign of punk-rock chic; and the inked lines on...
jar of happiness

DIY Gift Ideas To Help Out Those Without A V-Day Gift Yet

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, preparations must be in full swing for every lover out there to please their respective partners. No...
Durga Puja bengali celebrations

Five Ways To Celebrate Durga Puja Like A Bong

The biggest festival of the Bengalis, Durga Puja, is here and nowadays, it is not only celebrated by that one community, but by the...
productivity tips for working from home

7 productivity hacks to work from home better

Working from home comes with its own challenges, no matter how long we’ve been doing it. A few tips to get into the right...

10 Tips On How To Relax Before Bedtime

Relaxation techniques for sleep : Good sleep goes a long way in improving your health and also giving you a happier frame of mind...

Show some love for your parents this National Parents Day

After Mother's Day on May 9th and Father's Day on June 20th, National Parents Day is celebrated on July 25th to show our love...

How To Dress Up For A Sale Shopping Spree

In the sale season, your shopping trips are frequent, passionate and always end with a bunch of bags in your hands. The excited running...

8 Things to do with loved ones during lockdown

Interesting things to do in lockdown : If you’re stuck at home because of the lockdown, these 8 simple things you can do with...

#DressForADate with Ginger

February is here, which means the big day of Love is just around the corner! All you girls out there must have started planning...

7 Women Athletes Who Have Made India Proud

Until a few years ago, cricket seemed to be the only game associated with sports in India, and the ‘Men in Blue’ dominated the...

Celebrate Dil se Diwali with Lifestyle Stores

Celebrate Dil se Diwali with Lifestyle Stores! Get shopping this festive season with the all-new women’s collection – kurtas starting from Rs. 499, footwear...
close up of man holding bouquet of flowers and gift box.

Valentine’s Week: Ways to Show Your Love

Love is in the air and there’s no better way to tell that person in your life how special they are than to shower...

How to dress: 8 style tips for men

If graphic t-shirts, baggy denims and sneakers occupy most of your wardrobe, then this style guide is made for you. Following these 8 fashion...

Know The Significance Of Colours And Wear Them With Swag On This Holi

Holi, the festival of colours comes knocking on our doors every year in spring and brings with a time of joy, celebration and enjoyment...

How To Make The Most Of Mid-Week Holidays

As soon as the Monday morning meeting starts, we start thinking about our plans for the weekend. But what if there are times when...

Best Secret Santa gifts under Rs. 1,000

Finding the right Secret Santa gift can be tricky, especially if you are gifting someone with whom you’re not particularly close to. But whether...

Which Movie BFFs Are You?

A major reason as to why we end up loving some TV-show or movie is the characters! Movies revolving around the emotion of friendship...
Halloween sleepover

How To Celebrate Halloween In India

Halloween or All-Saint’s Day is observed on the 31st of October every year by Christians as well as non-Christians all over the world and...

Living Coral Is The New Black

Image source: With every new year, there’s comes a new “Color Of The Year”, as declared by color trends experts at Pantone. This year,...

New Year’s resolutions you should actually keep

0 Yes, New Year’s resolutions are almost always about diets, workouts or giving up a bad habit, but here are some suggestions that takes you...

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