Be A Star & Stand Out In The Party Crowd!

Invites are being sent out, gifts are being bought, plans are being made, outfits are being decided – yes, the party season is here!...
Women's Day girlfriends

Celebrate Women’s Day With The Best Women In Your Life

Women’s Day is as much a celebration of the social, cultural, political or economic achievements of women around the world as it is a...

How To Dress Up For A Sale Shopping Spree

In the sale season, your shopping trips are frequent, passionate and always end with a bunch of bags in your hands. The excited running...

Ginger Campus Squad Redefines #SquadGoals And How!

Lifestyle has always worked towards, not only the latest trends in fashion, but also the empowerment of girls through fashion and style. The launch...

Lifestyle Turns Your Good Friday Into A Good Weekend

Millenials live for the joy of long weekends. When a holiday falls on a Thursday or Friday, there’s nothing more exciting than planning how...

Raksha Bandhan Gifts for Your Sister- Go Buy!

Gifts are sometimes the hardest things to buy, but when it comes to your sister, it doesn’t have to be so hard! Here are a...

5 Of Our Favourite Celebrity Instagrams From This Week

The world is obsessed with Instagram, and from the looks of it, so are our celebrities. We are definitely not complaining, the more the...

How To Make The Most Of Mid-Week Holidays

As soon as the Monday morning meeting starts, we start thinking about our plans for the weekend. But what if there are times when...

What Kind Of A Shopper Are You Based On Your Zodiac

The Holiday season is coming up, and it’s time to unleash the shopaholic in you! But did you know that there are different kinds...

Five Fun Ways To End The Year On A High Note

Ever since we have set foot into adulthood, New Year’s Eve has, by default, meant partying and dancing the night away with friends (or...
save earth

5 Easy Ways To Help Save The Earth

The frequent earthquakes, the erratic climate changes and the rising temperatures everywhere is proof that things are not quite all right with Mother Earth....

The Perfume Edit – For work and play

There is a scent out there for everyone and when you find yours it can change your life. So if you want to be...

Celebrate World Sleep Day In The Comfiest Nightwear

There is an Irish proverb that goes, 'A good laugh and long sleep are the two best cures for anything.’ Sleep is often underrated....
productivity tips for working from home

7 productivity hacks to work from home better

Working from home comes with its own challenges, no matter how long we’ve been doing it. A few tips to get into the right...
The Lifestyle Sale – Up to 50% Off on the Latest Trends

The Lifestyle Sale – Up to 50% Off on the Latest Trends

Brace yourself for all the deals coming your way. The Lifestyle Sale is LIVE, you can now get upto 50% off on all the...
Mother's Day gifting ideas

Gifting Ideas For The Different Kinds Of Moms Out There

Mothers are the life forces behind all of us and should be applauded each & every day of our lives. But thanks to your...

Five Ways To Let Your Inner Kid Out This Children’s Day

Even though we have long crossed the paths of childhood, Children’s Day i.e. the 14th of November every single year makes us remember all...

New Year Traditions From Around India That You Didn’t Know About

The world may have celebrated the beginning of a New Year on the 1st of January, but most regional communities in India celebrate the...

World Yoga Day: Give Fashion a Push Up

This special day, pledge to brush up on your yoga and fitness moves (and ace your athleisure look too!) Here are the top trends...
Pumpkin Spice latte

Three Easy Ways To Have Fall’s Favourite Flavour – Pumpkin Spice

Fall or Autumn (as it is known in our country) is synonymous with golden leaves, nip in the air, light scarves, chic booties, Thanksgiving...

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