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14 V-day Gifts That Say, ‘Be Mine’!

Of course Valentine’s Day is about love but what’s the full formula? Any guesses? It’s romance plus gifts equals love (Romance + Gifts =...

Flirty V-day Mani’s

Simple manicures are great but they are also a tad unspecial, at least for Valentine’s Day. Ladies, how about taking it up a notch...

How To Match A Tie, Shirt And Suit

We all know that one guy who wears a suit like a pro. The fit is perfect, the shirt complements the suit, and the...

Romancing The Red Dress This Valentine’s Day

It's almost Valentine's Day and we're already dreaming up dozens of red roses, boxes of heart-shaped chocolates and cute lacy underthings! And if you're...

Looks For Less

Ladies, being fashionable may seem like an expensive affair but it’s really not if you know where to shop. Here are top 3 looks...

Shop Smart: 5 Basic Pieces You Need, Now!

Many of us shop impulsively. We enter a store and buy things at random because either they’re on the season’s must-have trends list or...

A Chic Way To Bundle Up: Lessons In Layering

Wouldn’t it be great… ...if you didn’t look like a walking-talking storm that hit the woollen store every winter? …if you could wear all your favourite...

The Right Way To Wear Boots This Season

It’s that wonderful time of the year when boots make their way to the front row of your shoe closet and the strappy numbers...

One Metallic Sweater, 3 Wonderful Ways

Sure, we agree that sweaters are timeless, functional wardrobe staples but that shouldn’t stop you from infusing a bit of glamour into these cozy...

Navy Blue Is The New Black

It’s official. Navy blue is the new black. A shade of blue so rich, dark, and sexy, it would make the colour black blush. Or...

How to Turn Denim Into Inspiring Outfits

With every new season, we are usually on the lookout for the next trend that we can sink our fashion-hungry fingers into. But there...

Workout Outfits That Do All The Hard Work For You

For any fashion-conscious woman, hitting the gym is all about four things: Checking herself out in the mirror, all the time. Sharing her gym achievements on...

Why Every Girl Needs A Red Dress

It's time to talk about red-hot! As eternal and classic as the little black dress might be, it’s time to open yourself up to other...

New Year, New Wardrobe: Our Top 5 Trend Picks

Have you kissed 2014 away yet? Well, we have the inside scoop on what’s going to be taking over the fashion scene in 2015. So,...

Statement Jewellery That Says ‘Let’s Party’

Party season is upon us!  When your only outfit at hand is that trusty LBD in the back of your closet, a piece of statement...

Can You Multi-Task Like These Loafers Can?

The quickest, most stylish way out the door this time of year? We’d say these Loafers are it. We know you’re a busy man and...

The Quick Guide To Picking A Watch To Match Your Personality

A man’s watch is the most important accessory he will need no matter which stage of his life he is at. Your watch becomes...

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