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8 ways women can style a denim jacket

There’s nothing like topping off your outfit with a denim jacket, no matter the season. And there couldn’t be a more appropriate style for...

5 eternal denim trends for women

The best part about denims is that there’s space in everyone’s wardrobe for that perfect pair or a few different ones in a variety...

7 must-haves to build a boho wardrobe

If you love lots of colour, prints, patterns, textures and flowy fabrics, then you will love boho fashion style. It’s an all-time favourite fashion...
leo fashion lucky color outfit ideas-circlemag

Leo: Let your fiery personality shine through your lucky colour, Orange

Known as a sun sign, it’s no wonder that the Leo zodiac lucky colour is Orange. The colour Orange has a lot of symbolism...

Show some love for your parents this National Parents Day

After Mother's Day on May 9th and Father's Day on June 20th, National Parents Day is celebrated on July 25th to show our love...
The Lifestyle Special Preview Sale

The Lifestyle Special Preview Sale

Here’s a deal you won’t be able to refuse! Lifestyle’s Special Preview Sale for Landmark Rewards Members is LIVE, you can now get upto...

Celebrate World Emoji Day with quirky prints

July 17th marks World Emoji Day to celebrate these ‘picture words’ – a rough translation of ‘emoji’ in Japanese. Emojis were created in Japan...
Layer in style this monsoon season

Layer in style this monsoon season

With the weather slowly changing and the monsoon season going to come in, it is time switch up our shorts for trousers or leggings,...
Plan your outfits

10 fashion tips to always look stylish

Always looking stylish isn’t only about chasing the latest trends and buying the most expensive clothes and accessories. What matters more is how you...

Calling Cancerians to Get Lucky in White!

The sensitive Cancerian, man or woman, will seldom be found going over the top in any of their fashion choices and if they do,...

Elevate your look with O2GEN sunglasses

If you’re looking for the perfect fashion accessory for your outfit, then look no further! Refresh your style statement this season with the all-new...
We love wearing good jeans

How to find the right denims for your body shape

From skinny and bootcut denims to distressed and stonewashed varieties, denims are a wardrobe essential that most of us can’t live without. With all...
perfect pair of hoodie and track pants by Kappa from Lifestyle

8 Outfits To Master the Monochrome Trend like a pro

https://youtu.be/tXVdwjGoyRo If there’s one trend that is hot right now it would be monochromatic looks – dressed top to toe in a single colour. Dressing...

10 cute date ideas for socially distanced couples

https://youtu.be/8xMilQKMwYY If you can’t have that face-to-face time with your partner during the lockdown, here are 10 fun new date night ideas that will not...

Gemini: Stand out in your lucky colour, yellow

https://youtu.be/rS5v9IvnogQ The colour yellow is associated with brightness, abundance and positivity for men and women born during the Gemini month. Here’re some Gemini fashion trends...
stylish athleisure clothing wear

Stylish athleisure looks for the entire family

Sleek, athletic and fashion forward clothing for men, women and kids is a big trend now and there’s no better time to slay the...

Loungewear outfits to look chic at home

While sleepwear has become our everyday home attire, getting dressed first thing in the morning before starting your day can make you feel so...
productivity tips for working from home

7 productivity hacks to work from home better

Working from home comes with its own challenges, no matter how long we’ve been doing it. A few tips to get into the right...

Taurus: Show off your power colour, pink

Someone who loves to make a statement in your daily style, Taurus men and women can flaunt their lucky colour, pink in their everyday...

Must-own lingerie from Triumph

Stock up on your lingerie essentials from Triumph’s new collection. Not only do they look good, but they are useful for a variety of...

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