Mother's Day celebration

Someone had once said, “Life doesn’t come with a manual, it comes with a mother”. Our moms are our go-to source for everything – from solutions to inspirations. So, even though you should make her feel special on all days of the year, but Mother’s Day just calls for some extra-special treatment to your mom. But have you thoughts of those mothers whom nobody celebrates this special day with? Those who don’t have their children near them, or those who don’t have them at all! This Mother’s Day, why not take some time out to shower some gifts of love on those unfortunate moms out there and give them a reason to smile?

To the army

We always salute those mothers who have given up their offspring for the greater good of the nation.  The moms, whose son or daughter are away all the time, working with the army, navy, air force or any other special forces, have nobody to wish them a happy Mother’s Day. This year, make such a mother happy on this special day by taking her to a hobby class – like baking or crafting – and helping her learn a new skill! She can then spend her free time making new things and even impress her son or daughter with her newly acquired talent when they come home on leave!

For someone special

There are quite a few moms out there who are lovingly raising a special needs child. Even though that child does love his or her mother back, but unfortunately, they are not developed enough to express their love at most times or buy their mothers gifts on this special day. Why not make such a mom feel special this year with the gift of a stylish handbag this year? This thoughtful gift will not only bring a smile to her face, but also help her carry around all her essentials as she juggles between school, therapy classes, doctor’s appointments & taking care of her special child.

Life after death

It may not be a common occurrence, it may not have happened to your near & dear ones, it may not be something we come across every day – but somewhere around you, there’s a mother who has lost a child. The cause may be anything – from a sudden road accident to a fatal disease – and the age may be anywhere between 3 to 30, but losing an offspring doesn’t mean that she’s any less of a mother even now! This Mother’s Day, make such a mom feel loved once again by gifting her something special, like a digital photo-frame with memorable pictures of the mother with her son or daughter. Trust us, she’ll love to be treated like a mom again, even if once in a while!

The barren one

Of course, we all know someone or the other who hasn’t had the chance to be called a mother. Be it by personal choice, or due to any biological reason, such women have never experienced a child’s love. This year, make them feel like a mother too by giving someone like this a thoughtful handmade gift or something like a classy watch that she’ll treasure forever! Remember, whether a woman is a biological mother or not, she always has a mother’s heart beating inside her!

Of course, do make this Mother’s Day special for your mommy dearest and get her a gift she’ll adore; but at the same time, bring a smile on the face of such mothers who don’t have the good fortune to celebrate Mother’s Day otherwise. Their love & blessings will only make your heart warmer and your life happier!




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