Women’s Day is as much a celebration of the social, cultural, political or economic achievements of women around the world as it is a reminder for the importance of a gender equal society. In this patriarchal world, it’s beneficial for women to support and uphold each other, rather than pulling each other down. So, on this Women’s Day, spend some quality time with the closest women of your life and celebrate your bonds in all their warm glory!

Women's Day mother daughter

Mother-daughter bonding

There can be no woman more important in your life than your mother who has not only brought you into this world, but raised you with utmost love & care, and always made sure you have the best of everything! On this day, celebrate the strong woman who has inspired you to follow your dreams and stand up for your rights and make some more memories with her! Take your mother to the park for a lazy afternoon of strolling, admiring the nature and having a heart-to-heart, or take her shopping and buy her things you know she’ll love to have, but will never buy for herself! It’s time to let your mom know that her selfless sacrifices didn’t go in vain!

Women's Day sisters

Soul sisters

Sisters, as you know, come before misters; and this is a great day to celebrate this bond of the soul! Spend some awesome time with your sibling or even close cousins to celebrate growing up into fine women together. Go for a chick flick or comedy movie and laugh your hearts out together, just like your good old childhood days! You can even spend a lazy day at home giving each other manicures, playing scrabble and chilling with Netflix & big bowls of popcorn. Tease each other, criticize each other or just update each other about everything happening in your lives – after all, your sister has always been by your side with ardent love and unconditional support.

Women's Day girlfriends

Gang of girls

Your life, as a woman, is incomplete without a posse of girlfriends who have applauded you on your achievements and helped out with your mistakes. True girlfriends are proof that a woman is not always another woman’s worst enemy. Show your girls the appreciation for their love and support by spending this day with them – go out for a lunch filled with hours of laughter, gossip and good food; or celebrate with a girls’ night out at one of the coolest clubs in town! Eat, drink, be merry and pledge your lifelong allegiance to each other; because women need to be together in order to fight for equal rights in the society!

Women's Day lady boss

Best boss

If you have a lady boss who’s as inspiring & amazing as she’s helpful & motivational, then you are one lucky woman! A great boss can guide you on the right path, lead by example and shape up not only your career, but your personality with her advice and leadership. It’s time to celebrate such wonderful bosses who are your friends, guides & philosophers by taking her out to a nice dinner or giving her a thoughtful gift as a token of appreciation. Let her know how much she inspires you to be the steadfast & confident woman that you are, and strengthen your bond over a cup of candid coffee, if you want!

There are a few ladies in your life who have made you the woman you are, and given you the strength to face adversities, confidence to go ahead in life and courage to stand up for your rights. The women in your life are important and there’s no better day to let them know that. So, get, set, celebrate and have a Happy Women’s Day!




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