July 17th marks World Emoji Day to celebrate these ‘picture words’ – a rough translation of ‘emoji’ in Japanese. Emojis were created in Japan by Shigetaka Kurita in 1990 and are now used every day in conversations across the globe. These symbolic icons are used to describe everything from emotions, moods, transportation, animals, food and many more – giving emojis the ability to speak for themselves without the need for elaborate words. So if you love your emojis and they’re a big part of your texting habit, here’s a way for you to have some fun on World Emoji Day and try out some quirky prints from Smiley World

For women

If you like wearing crop tops, the Dusty Pink cropped sweatshirt from Smiley World is a good place to start this World Emoji Day. The long sleeves and round neckline make this sweatshirt a comfortable addition to your casual wardrobe while the cropped design adds a flirty touch. Pair it with White denims and sneakers – a backpack will complete this outfit perfectly. Slip into a comfy t-shirt with a bold emoji print with the typographic “You are totally unique” splashed across the front. The Rust Orange colour makes it easy to pair with Black denims and lace-up shoes.

1.SMILEYWORLD Women Printed Cropped Sweatshirt

SMILEYWORLD Women Printed Round Neck T-shirt

Add some quirkiness to your dresses too with the pinafore dress from the brand. The White half-sleeved t-shirt covered in tiny emojis is topped with a Dark Red textured pinafore with cami straps and a button-down front. Similar to the pinafore dress is the Navy Blue denim dungarees that is a playful casual look. The frayed hemlines add to its casual appeal. Wear a White t-shirt underneath and finish it off with sneakers.

3.SMILEY WORLD Women Textured Pinafore Dress with Printed Top

2.SMILEY WORLD Women Solid Denim Dungaree

For men

Vibrant graphic printed t-shirts are a simple yet fun way to enjoy this day. Try out the pastel trend for men with this Light Pink regular fit crew neck t-shirt with a peppy smiley face on the front with a typographic print – pair it with White denims or chinos. Upgrade a basic White t-shirt with Smiley World’s crew neck t-shirt with a Yellow smiley face on the front. Add it to your athleisure look by matching it with Olive Green joggers and a Green jacket.

1.SMILEYWORLD Typographic Print Regular Fit T-shirt

5.SMILEYWORLD Printed Dyed Regular Fit T-shirt

If you love your denims, the Light Blue t-shirt with the smiley face print and the motivating typographic “Choose happiness” is the right complement to Blue distressed denim shorts. And for that monochrome look? The White and Blue tie-dye t-shirt paired with Dark Blue Denims will ace this trend.

3.SMILEYWORLD Men Typographic Print Regular Fit Crew Neck T-shirt

2.SMILEYWORLD Men Graphic Print Regular Fit T-shirt

For the kids

Let the kids have fun with smiley face prints – these World Emoji Day ideas include some adorable t-shirts for the little ones. For the boys, the Black half-sleeved t-shirt with a Neon Green print that says

1b. SMILEYWORLD Printed Crew Neck T-shirt

2b. SMILEYWORLD Printed Crew Neck T-shirt

3b. SMILEYWORLD Printed Round Neck T-shirt

“Ready 2 Play” will appeal to his gamer side while the White t-shirt with a Yellow and Blue emoji print is great for a weekend look. Another colour boys love, Navy Blue is seen on the crew neck t-shirt from Smiley World and it can be paired with shorts or denims.

1g. SMILEYWORLD Printed Short Sleeves T-shirt

2g. SMILEYWORLD Girls Typographicc Print Sequinned Top

3g. SMILEYWORLD Printed Cap Sleeves T-shirt

Girls can pick from three Pink t-shirts, all with cute emoji prints on the front. The Light Pink t-shirt has emojis designed in colourful sequins that any girl would love, while the cap-sleeved t-shirt comes with a typographic, hearts and a smiley. The tie-dye effect of the short-sleeved t-shirt in Pink is what stands out. Pair these t-shirts with shorts, skirts or denims and cute accessories.

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