The festive season is here! As we usher in Navratri, we’re also welcoming with it nine days filled with lip-smacking food, groovy dance moves and most importantly – fabulous festive fashion! This Navratri, we’ve gone monochrome moody, obsessing over one auspicious colour a day to dress and accessorise our festive ensembles. And where do we look for inspiration? No further than our Navratri goddesses who are an unending source of feminine strength and wisdom.

On day one, Goddess Parvathi who is synonymous with boldness, leads the way. Her famous stunts of bravery have characterized her gallant demeanor, symbolized by a Trishul she holds in one hand. While she is courageous and fearless, there is an aura of natural inspiration about her. Adorning a pink saree, with a lotus in her other hand, she is a portrayal of motherly tranquility. A perfect amalgamation of fearlessness and cool composure.

Goddess Parvathi’s valiant personality with measured calm gives us our auspicious colour of the day – RED! Ranging from shades of fuchsia to deep wine red, our monochromatic obsession is driven by the shades of red!

Just like Parvathi Devi, our style statement of the day is infusing a fiery red with lighter pinks. Pair a light netted top, with a bold hand piece, bringing a symbiotic union of bravery and nature in one look. A sophisticated leather tote along with wedged sneakers screams GIRL POWER all the way!

Adorn a fearless look today, go paint the town red. But don’t forget to accessorise with some calm & collected coolness too!

To be at your stylish best with lady luck on your side this Navratri, do check back every day to learn about the auspicious colours you must adorn as you make your way to the dandiya parties or the puja pandal!

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