From skinny and bootcut denims to distressed and stonewashed varieties, denims are a wardrobe essential that most of us can’t live without. With all bodies having different shapes and sizes along with our own style preferences, finding denims that work well with our body types can be tricky. So here are a few tips and tricks on figuring out your body type and the right denims for body shape…

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Denim buying guide for your body shape

Choosing the best fitting denim jeans is no easy feat. You may have the staples that you turn to but if you’re looking to change up your look or if you haven’t been able to settle on the pair that gives your look that “wow” factor, there are three things to keep in mind that will make choosing easier – rise, fit and wash.

What is denim rise?

The rise of your denims is where on your body your denims will sit – on the waist, below the waist, on the hip, etc. Denim trends have had it all, but you should find what complements your body type the best. Generally, there are three types of denim rise – high-rise, mid-rise and low-rise.

High-rise denims have that vintage feel. They sit on your navel or even above it. They are perfect for smaller waists as they create a more body-sculpting look that accentuates your hips. Low-rise denims fit around your hips and can be worn by anyone who wants to show off their curves. It works well on curvier bodies. Mid-rise denims are the perfect in-between. They sit just below the navel, and they look good on a variety of body types.

Understanding the fit

Finding the right fit for your denims has a lot to do with your personal sense of style. Skinny denims, bootcut denims, flared denims, straight-cut denims and boyfriend denims are all types of denim fits. Some are classic styles that have been around for decades like the bootcut fit that was popularised in the ‘60s and some are newer trends like skinny denims that came out in the late ‘00s.

Each style complements a certain body type. We’ll talk more about that when we get into finding the right denims for body shape.

Picking a wash

There’s no right or wrong when it comes to picking the right wash for your denims. Depending on what you style them with, every denim wash has its own perks and can look equally stylish. But there is no one-size-fits-all approach with choosing denim washes. Pro tip: the lighter the wash, the more casual it will look.

Washes are divided into light, medium and dark. As the name suggests, light wash denim is the lightest of denims. They are bleached to have a light or powder blue look. Dark washes are the most popular and are usually denims that are unwashed and retain their original colour. They’re also called “raw denim” and come in navy blues, dark greys and blacks. Medium wash denims fall in between light and dark washes. They are the most versatile colours and suit most body types.

How to buy jeans for your shape

To make finding denims for body shapes easier, here are the 5 most common body types of women and the denim fits that go best with each:

Apple or oval shaped bodies

Women with apple-shaped bodies have a medium-sized or large bust with a narrow waistline and small hips. Oval-shaped bodies have a similar upper body type like their apple-shaped counterparts but with a fuller waist and hips giving them an overall rounder appearance.

High-rise denims would look flattering on both these body types. The longer crotch depth of these pants sculpts your figure, lengthening and adding definition to your hips and buttocks. Skinny denims in a high-rise or mid-rise design work well too, if you’re looking to show off your figure.

If you’re trying to stay away from skin-tight clothing and want something more casual and laidback, straight-cut denims or bootcut denims are great options too. Straight-cut denims have the same width from the top to the bottom – they don’t taper either at the knee or ankle. Bootcut denims, on the other hand, are slimmer at the hip and thigh level and flare out after the knees.

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2.GINGER Solid Skinny Fit High-Rise Jeggings

3.ONLY Women Stonewashed Straight Fit Cropped Jeans

Pear or hourglass shaped bodies

If you have a pear-shaped body, then your hips are wider than your shoulders and you have a smaller bust. This body shape is also called a triangular frame. Similar to pear-shaped bodies, women with the hourglass shape have wide hips but what is different in this body type is that their bust is almost equal in size to their hips and their waists are petite. This creates a curvier body shape.

To find the best jeans for body shapes such as these, you can turn to bootcut and flared denims. The wider width from the knee to ankle in both these denim styles will balance out your broad hips. If you pick mid-rise denims in these styles, they will also lengthen your legs making your body seem longer rather than wider. As with all body shapes, skinny denims always look good.

1.FAME FOREVER Women Solid Skinny Fit Jeans

2.GINGER Women Printed Bootcut Jeans

3.GINGER Women Solid Skinny Fit Jeans

4.GINGER Solid Elasticated Flared Jeans

Inverted triangle shaped bodies

Also known as a V-shaped body, women with these body types have broad shoulders with hips that are narrower than their shoulders, giving a V-like appearance. The strong shoulders usually add a more athletic look to this body type. Shapely legs are a huge plus point for this type.

To flaunt your shapely legs, skinny or slim-fit denims are a must-have! To balance out your broad shoulders, you can also pick loose-fitting styles like cropped and flared denims. Wearing a belt with your denims will also add more volume to your hips.

1.GINGER Women Stonewashed Relaxed Fit Jeans

2.GINGER Women Stonewashed Flared Jeans

3.VERO MODA Women Solid Flared Jeans

Athletic shaped bodies

A more muscular version of the hourglass figure, women with athletic shaped bodies have almost the same shoulder and hip-width but aren’t as curvy as those with hourglass figures. These body types have a fairly even weight distribution that means that your dressing can be super versatile.

Most ladies denim jeans look good on this body shape, but some of the best are relaxed fits like the boyfriend or mommy denim trends. Your naturally long and shapely legs will fill out these loose styles well and not take anything away from your overall look. You can’t say no to tighter fits to elongate your legs, so play around with skinny and slim fit designs too.

1.GINGER Women Stonewashed Relaxed Fit Jeans

2.GINGER Women Washed Tapered Fit Jeans

3.GINGER Zip Detail Skinny Treggings

Everyone’s body shapes and sizes are different, and you don’t have to fit into one of these body types completely to find what works on you best. Mixing and matching various styles will help you narrow down your favourites – and more importantly, it’s about how good you feel in your outfit!

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Sarika Raiturkar

Since I gained a lot of weight, finding denim that works well with my body type was tricky for me. But after going through the guide on how to choose right denims for your body type, I found the perfect fit.


I always have difficulty in choosing jeans for my size as I wear XXL normally & they aren’t easily available. So while online shopping, I stumbled upon this article about how to choose the right denims for your body type and i am amazed by the tips because they helped me choose the fit jeans for my body, it also gives a great look to my hips.