Every Father’s Day, we get stumped as to what to get the ‘Best Man’ in our lives which he will actually love and adore. Even though with time, the gifting options for men have increased quite well, there are still times when we feel we have to use every brain cell in our body to decide on the perfect gift for our fathers. You definitely don’t want to give gifts that will be socked up in the closets or forgotten after a single use out of formalities’ sake, and that’s the reason we are here to help you pick out the most appropriate gift for this Father’s Day, depending on your dad’s personality! After all, a gift that’ll best suit him and his persona is sure to be appreciated and cherished forever!

Father's Day gifts sporty dad

The sporty dad

Dads who are always ready to hit the gym or go on walks even at odd hours give us tough fitness goals. They are always more health conscious than you. They hardly look their age and living a healthy lifestyle keeps them fit and hearty. They love playing sports, living a full active life and you can hardly find them sitting at one place for long. For such a fitness-freak dad, the best gifts are athleisure clothes like activewear that he can flaunt at the gym or on his morning jogs, sneakers that will take him on long runs, fitness bands that will help him keep track of all his activities and calories or even gym accessories like sippers, towels etc. Such gifts will not only make him happy, but also boost his energy to stay fit & healthy for a long time to come!

Father's Day gifts workaholic dad

The workaholic dad

Always seen your dad buried under files or looking into blank space while listening to some of your nonstop chatter? Yes, your dad is a true workaholic one who leaves a great part of his mind and soul back in office. These boss dads are super punctual, more hard-working than anyone you have ever seen and can manage family matters with equal dedication and discipline. They have a classy taste in fashion and can be seen mostly in formal attire. You can give them formal shirts and well-fitted trousers for the unending board meetings, classy watches to keep track of his strict deadlines, trendy ties to brighten up their Monday mornings, smart pairs of work glasses or intense musky perfumes and see these serious, lost-in-their-own-thoughts dads give you broad Cheshire smiles (and that’s quite a lot coming from them).

Father's Day gifts travel loving dad

The travel-loving dad

These dads are the most fun as they are always full of surprises coming home with flight tickets all of a sudden or maybe taking you on a road trip to a whole new city when you had just headed out to go to a restaurant. These laidback, cool and carefree fathers make sure there’s never an air of tension in the house for long and their wanderlust souls help you see the beautiful world outside through their eyes. The best gifts for such casual, living-their-life-in-the-moment dads would be tropical printed shirts, linen shorts, casual shoes like espadrilles, loafers, cool sunglasses, smart-watches or fresh, lively fragrances. These thoughtful gifts will definitely make their journey of life even more enjoyable.

So, this Father’s Day, don’t fret about the gifts as we have you fully covered. Each dad in the world has a unique personality and make sure you let your dad live his life to the fullest, leaving traces of his awesome personality wherever he goes.




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