Every woman desires to look their best, especially during the holiday times when it’s all about clicking pictures, looking and feeling good. Well, looking good is just about as impossible without the correct hairstyle as it’s impossible to enjoy a good meal without a dessert. Now, we know your next vacation may be anywhere from a beach to the mountains or forests. So we have thought of preparing you with the perfect holiday hairstyles for most of the options on your bucket list!

Doughnuut bun beach hairstyle

Fun on the beach

Well, beaches are always fun with the sparkling sand, crashing waves and the bright sun. But it is even more fun when you are sporting the right hairdo. Well, the twist doughnut bun is going to go perfectly with your shorts, bralette and tasselled shrug. All you have to do is make a high ponytail, put a thick donut shaped hair tie around it taking all the hair through it and then bring up all the ponytail hair over it. Put yet another thin hair tie securely on the middle bun portion. Now twist the hair on all sides of the bun and keep wrapping it around the bun. Secure those with bobby pins, take out some loose strands of hair in front of the ears and voila your beach look is ready! Now you can enjoy the sea breeze without messy hair in your face!

Open hair mountains hairstyle

Hit the slopes

Mountains are the most peaceful holiday destinations and breathing in all that pure, refreshing air; enjoying the greenery all around and feeling the chill surely elevates your spirits. In the dry, no-sweat and cold climate, you can easily afford to keep your hair open. To accompany your trench coat, denims, leg warmers, gloves and snood, flaunt au natural, windswept hair. Blow-dry your hair to create volume, put on some serum and tease your hair into a fun, carefree and bouncy look.  Let your hair catch the wind and flow free as you enjoy the picturesque beauty of the hills. If you are apprehensive about getting your hair messed up, then you can also make a loose low ponytail for a fuss-free style.

Scarf braid forest hairstyle

Call of the wild

Forests are a preferred destination for quick yet thrilling getaways and no forest holiday is complete without the daring safari trips. But safari trips strictly mean no open hair as the wind and dust can damage it beyond imagination. So having a scarfed hairstyle is the best option to both keep your hair in place as well as to make a strong style statement. For this, divide your hair into two portions and take a scarf around your neck. Braid the scarf along with your hair on either side. Pull the braid up and wind it around the centre of the head till it reaches the opposite side and pin it up. Do the same with the other one. Now take the two loose ends of the scarf and tie it in a knot on the centre. This hairstyle will go perfect with your safari outfit of breathable cotton shirts, tank tops, combat trousers, sunglasses and comfy trainers.

Braided ponytail city hairstyle

Urban landscapes

Enjoying a city tour is as fun as a vacation should be and includes lots of good food, good sight-seeing and hours of being on the move. It’s always better to keep your mane tamed and out of your face when you have a lot to do on the list. A messy-chic side braided high ponytail is the best option to go with your comfortable playsuit, printed sneakers and reflectors. Side comb your hair and take the front portion dividing it into three sections. Keep adding hair from the base as you keep on braiding it along the side till the centre. Pin the braid securely and take the rest of the hair into a high ponytail. Wrap a strand of hair around the hair tie and secure it with pins to make the look even smarter. Now with all the hair out of your way, you are all set to explore the city!

These were some of our own favorite hairstyles apt for your vacation shenanigans at different destinations. These will surely take your holiday looks to a whole new level, make your Facebook pictures look more stylish and make the trip even more memorable.




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