Everyone doesn’t have the same kind of lashes, so what makes you think that all mascaras are the same? You might have been buying those mascaras depending on which advertisement catches your fancy at that time, but actually you should be using one that’s made for your type of eyelash. You must find the right wand & formula for your lash type so that you can open up your peepers with the perfect mascara! Here’s how to pick which mascara to use for your kind of lashes.

Colorbar Lash Illusion Mascara Duo BigFor long lashes

If you are blessed with naturally long eyelashes, then consider yourself lucky! All you need, to enhance your inherent feature, is mascara that’ll give the right curl & volume to your eyelashes. Choose a formula and brush that claims to possess ‘curling’ qualities and let it work its magic on the outer lashes more than the inner ones, to give you a cat-eye look. Curved wands work wonders for achieving that perfect curl.

For short, stumpy lashes

So what if you have short eyelashes? Worry not, choose the right mascara and you’ll get long, curly lashes in a jiffy! Opt for dense bristle brushes so that they work on each & every strand, lengthening & defining them. Work your way from root to tip and coat every lash with a thick formula mascara to get an instant volume in your eyelashes. Draw the wand outwards with bold, confident flicks and sport thick, lengthy lashes in no time!

Colorbar Zoom & Whoosh Mascara

For uneven lashes

If you have erratic eyelashes that are shorter on one end of the eyelid & longer on the other, don’t panic! There are many others like you out there and the answer to your dilemma lies in the right mascara. Choose one with natural ingredients that promote growth so that your lashes get even with time. Also, draw out your lashes in the centre, tapering towards the inner & outer corners to give a starburst effect that’ll beautifully camouflage your irregular lash pattern.

For straight lashes

Those of you who are born with poker-straight lashes, you need curls and lots of it! Pick a mascara with a volumizing & curling formula, extra points if it has a curled wand. Make sure you put extra pressure to the lash bed, while applying the mascara, and bend it slightly upwards. You can even put your fingers or the wand tip to your lashes while the mascara dries and bend it upwards for a long-lasting curl.

If you are still unsure of which product to buy, rush to the nearest mirror and study your lashes well to determine its type. Whichever kind of eyelashes you might have, keep calm and buy the right mascara; and you’re all set to grab eyeballs with your pretty peepers!

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