There’s no denying that blue denims are the best! You wake up and get ready for your work, and your hands automatically get drawn towards your favorite, comfiest blue jeans to go with a shirt or top every day!

But to break the monotony, I decided to change my wardrobe for a week by removing the blue jeans and adding some color to my wardrobe!

What will I wear to work for these five days, you ask?

Monday, short day!

A short, cute semi casual skirt with a white top is what I’m choosing for day 1. It’s comfortable, sassy, stylish and yet something you can pair with a formal top to wear at work!

Tuesday, checks day!

Anything with checks can be styles into formal wear, and checked crop pants are my favorite. They go with any solid top or shirt and they look good for any weather.

Wednesday, quirky day!

Don’t miss your jeans too much! We’ve got a better way of wearing them… choose a quirky color one! We’ll suggest either green, maroon or orange, to match your mood. Wear it with a floral top or a sleeveless, lace decorated one to get into the rainbow state of mind!

Thursday, a longer day!

It’s almost friyay, and you want something comfy, yet stylish. Leave the pants and go back to a skirt, only a longer one today. It’s classy and chic and can be worn with any cute top, even a frilly one. I’d suggest a light pink one!

Friday, glam day!

Pump up your Friday mood with a glamorous jumpsuit to break the monotony of lower wear and delve into work with some sass, some fab and some jazz! A printed one certainly holds our attention, but we’d still prefer a solid one in a pop of color!

And the week’s done, for the weekend, there’s no reason not to stay in your pajamas! But if you do wanna go out, dresses and shorts are your best friends.

Have a great blue denim free week, you all!

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