Add a splash of blue to your wrist this summer

Blue watches are smart, edgy, sophisticated, cool and innately masculine. Not only do they look dapper, they are versatile as hell! And these watches, like good wine, just keep getting better with age. Convinced yet?

If you need some more cajoling to add this new shade to your collection of time pieces, we present you with some trendsetters which floor you with their style.

Here’s our pick of some of the best specimens of the new watch colour you need.

Guess Men’s Watch – Model W0600G3

Dressed in navy blue with a sprinkle of rose gold, this watch is a striking piece. The band and the dial are both in blue while the case is made of stainless steel. If you want to add a dash of blue to your wardrobe this model makes an excellent case for itself.
Price: Rs 12,255

Armani Classic – Model AR1731

In classic Armani style, this model is understated and elegant with a retro touch. A smooth blue leather strap complements the matte blue, three-hand dial with flashes of sleek silver. Peeking out from under the cuff of your shirt, this watch will dress your attire with the right amount of blue.
Price: Rs 11,205

Diesel Mega Chief

This standout, oversized timepiece creates quite an impression at first glance. A blue dial encased in stainless steel with chronograph quartz and a rugged brown strap to finish ensures that Diesel’s Mega Chief watch gets the right amount of attention. Add to that cutting edge technology and you have a masterpiece.
Price: Rs. 10,920

Casio G­Shock Gulfmaster (GWN­1000­2ADR)

Created for the maritime adventurer, this G­Shock timepiece closely resembles shipboard instruments. Fitted with Triple Sensor Version 3, Smart Access, LCD display and Double LED lighting, the multi-faceted watch packs in new age technological advancements without compromising on aesthetic appeal. The electrifying blue exterior draws you even closer to the sea.
Price: Rs. 29,995

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