Summer make-up colours

All the Spring Summer 2016 runways saw a fresh take on playful make-up and eclectic hairstyles, shaping our summer beauty goals in a blend of au natural meets girls next door meets glamour queen. This season, complement your stylish outfits with these make-up trends and look your best wherever you go! Include these colours in your summer make-up routine and rock to your beauty beat in style!

Blue for the eyes

As you all know, blue eyes are the ones that hypnotize and this summer, you can paint your eyes blue for a chic, hypnotising effect! From graphic blue eyeliners for a pop look to a smudge of cyan on the lids for a pool party to a swipe of blue glitter on a Saturday night, you can play around with shades & styles to flaunt fun eye make-up that jazzes up your outfits. Remember to keep it in sync with the rest of your make-up and let your pretty peepers grab eyeballs in true-blue style!


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Matte red lips

Summer calls for the most natural of looks that’s best sported by keeping your make-up to a bare minimum. This season, make your bold pout the perfect focal point in your otherwise bare face. Paint you puckers in shades of matte red to add a bit of drama to your minimal summer face and let your lips do all the talking. Choose from varying shades of scarlet, rose, coral, ruby & oxblood and rock red lips like never before! Check out Chambor’s Extreme Wear Transferproof Liquid Lipstick that gives a perfect matte coverage and stays on for a long time too! A winner for the season, indeed!

Natural blush tones

Let your skin breathe this summer and go au natural with just a hint of make-up on the eyes & lips. Opt for light & natural blush tones and give a light contouring to your face for the perfect sun-kissed look. Luminous skin and barely-there make-up is the way to go! Add a subtle bronzer to give a shimmery finishing touch to your face for a toned down evening look. Let loose those tresses and soak up the sun – even if you get a tan, that can only add to the natural glow to your face!

A dash of sparkle

For the bold & fearless one out there, don’t let the toned down make-up trends disappoint you. For you, there’s always glitter and lots of it at that! From shiny lids to metallic gold lips to glitter-trimmed lashes, this season also allows you to leave a little sparkle wherever you go. Keep the shimmer matte and don’t go OTT, the perfect balance of bling & bare will make you a head-turner for sure!

So, invest in a few blue-toned eye make-up; matte lip colors in shades of red; natural, summery hues of blush and some subtle shimmer for the perfect summer make-up kit! Perfect these beauty tricks and put your best face forward for a fashionable summer ahead!



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