Denim has seen us at our dowdy worst and stylish best, and continues to steer us through the choppy waters of fashion. Despite the long and steady relationship, though, hunting for that perfect pair of jeans can be a long nightmare, having to choose from so many sizes, fits, colours and styles. But, of course, there’s always a way around it. We give you the necessary tips to make your denim shopping seem like a cakewalk.
Pre-Spree Prep
The key to finding the right pair of jeans lies in the right size, colour, fit and style. So, here’s everything you need to know before the D-Day.
Size: Be sure to know your size to the T before you embark on the journey, trust us it’ll save you time. Here’s how to measure:
Ladies, get the narrowest part of the torso. This will be your measurement for high rise denims, for any other rise, add another 2 inches.
Men, measure the part of the waist where your denim sits. Be sure to not take it in too tight, to avoid clinching when your belt is on.

Hip: Measure the fleshiest part of your hip.

Inseam: The length of you jeans is very important, and that’s what your inseam measurement is for. Measure the length of the legs from your crotch. Measure till where you’d like your denim to end.

Colour: As far as denim goes, there are two colours that will hold you in good stead year after year: Classic Blue and Dark Blue/Black. Both never go out of style and are yearlong style staples. While the classic blue denim will see you through your errands, activities and casual gatherings, the darker pair will have you covered for dressier dos.
Fit: We’re not exaggerating when we say that fit is everything. So, choose your fit with utmost care and precision to your body type.
Ladies, since the fit is unique to body types, we suggest you do some research beforehand to find out what yours body type is – Hour Glass, Pear, Apple, Inverted Triangle, Athletic, Rectangle, Short Waist, Short Legs or a combination. All you need is a full length mirror and a computer with internet connection. There’s plenty of detailed information on the different body types and the denim fits that best flatter them.
Fits for all: Skinny, Boocut and Trouser. The magic lies in the details, so take your time in the trial room. If you are one for the trends, then Boyfriend, too, works for all body types.
Gentlemen, if you have an active lifestyle, the Relaxed fit is your best friend, and if you are the dapper dude, selvage denim it is! Like your thigh room? Opt for the Classic fit.
Pro tip: Stay miles away from the Skinny fit, if you have a broader frame. Shorter dudes, always wear a tapered leg.
Fit for all: The Straight-Leg fit.
Style: There are so many styles – printed, different washes, distressed, vintage – to choose from but if you are going to have only a few select denim pieces, we suggest you steer clear of the drastic washes, patchwork, embroidery, bling, etc., and stick to the Classic. “Less is more” holds true for denim.

Pro Tips for D-Day
Dress Comfortable. You are going shopping, so wear clothes that are easy to get out of and get in, and wear slip-ons or flip flops.
Plan Ahead. Know what brand, style, etc., you are going to shop for. Bring along footwear that you plan to wear your jeans with (especially you, ladies). It’ll help you get the perfect length and look.
Keep you Smartphone Handy. If you are there alone or require a third opinion, you have a camera and connectivity on you.
Take Your Time. Spend quality time with the mirror when you are choosing your “it” pair. Go to a store that has a large inventory to have maximum choice.
Buy Two. We are not kidding! If you’ve found a pair that fits you like a dream, buy two. You’ll be surprised at how fast styles get discontinued.
And, finally, Keep Hydrated. Carry water. Trust us, you’ll need it.

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