Yes, the fit, the shape and the material are everything you check while buying the perfect pair of denims. But it’s after you start wearing them, some other nuances pop up out of nowhere!

There’s always the problems with ease of movement – you can’t squat or bend. It takes some time to shape your new pair into your perfect body mold. Your jeans start puckering or bunching soon, and even worse, they start getting stretch marks after a few weeks of regular wear! They make you sweaty and start looking baggy (specially at the knees) after a day’s wear.

Ok, enough denim badgering, because we’ve got the perfect solution for this!

Flex denims are all about super stretch, super fit and great comfort! It doesn’t pucker or leave stretch marks, because the material binds itself back to its original form right after you slip out of it. There’s so much ease of movement that you can dance, jump, groove and slay in them!

Unsure? Don’t take our word for it, just trust Tiger! See how he moves, without anything holding him back? Our newest favorites are Forca Flex Denims. What do you say? Wanna take them for a wild trial spin?

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