Denims are our go-to pieces of clothing, irrespective of gender, age or style sensibility. Everyone loves to live in their favourite pairs of jeans, and all fashionable souls out there know how to style them in their own way. You pick your denim by color, rise, style or fit. But, have you given any thought to the different washes they come in? Did you know that denim washing is a process that gives the final product an aesthetic finish and different kinds of washes can result in different kinds of finishes or textures? Here’s a lowdown on the must-have washes right now that need to be a part of your denim collection!


Enzyme Wash

A laundering process which uses enzymes to soften and finish the fabric, enzyme wash is a great way of enhancing regular denims. It gives your jeans a softer, more worn-in look and is a top pick, specially with men. Men can go for a pair of enzyme-washed dad denims which, with it’s softened look and loose fit, perfectly gives out basic and relaxed vibes. Just pair it with plaid shirts or color-block tees and canvas shoes for cool casual outfits. Women can indulge in this wash with a pair of distressed jeans and team it up with an oversized t-shirt knotted on the side and white sneakers for a chic, laid-back look ideal for college or hanging out with friends. Since this wash results in softening the fabric, it is also a great finish for kids’ denims, and you can make your munchkin sport a pair of these jeans with a graphic tee & sneakers for a cute yet stylish look.

Stone Wash

These jeans are treated to yield a worn-out, faded appearance, which is accomplished by using large stones that continuously pound or beat the cloth fibres to roughen up the fabric. It also helps to increase the flexibility of rigid fabrics like denims so don’t worry about those few extra inches you put on now and then, your stone washed pair will still fit you like a dream. Women can definitely choose a dark stonewashed skinny pair with a white shirt and nude pumps, a perfect smart casual look, even for those Fridays at work! Men can go for the distressed stonewashed jeans which, when paired with a white tee and a denim jacket, makes for a trendy denim on denim look. You can even dress your kid up in a stone wash pair of jeans, with a cute crop top or a casual shirt for a smart summer look.


Acid Wash

This art includes partially bleaching the jeans with chlorine which makes the bleached portions lose its original color so as to provide a unique look – either done uniformly throughout the fabric or in parts to achieve an ombre effect. Women can choose an acid-washed pair in a vintage high waist flared jeans and wear with a ruffled off-shoulder top and kitten heels for the next Sunday brunch. Men can go for a denim joggers in this wash paired with a Henley t-shirt and classic white sneakers for a stylish travel look. You can even twin with your children, by choosing acid-washed denims for them as well. Just make them sport a pair with a striped tee and a baseball cap for a laid-back summer vibe!

Sand Blasting

This technique involves the use of abrasive materials which, at high speed, clean, smoothen and shape the surface of the denim to produce a lived-in effect. Each pair takes on a unique pattern of wear and tear giving it a pre-worn look. Men can choose this wash with a pair of turn-up denims which, with its turned-up hems, add an element of interest to any look. Team it with a white casual shirt with rolled up sleeves, a smart watch and loafers to look lunch date ready in style! Women can opt for this wash in the form of a mid-rise boyfriend fit jeans which, when paired with a crop top and a plaid shirt tied at the waist, gives out uber-cool street-style vibes.

So, now, think beyond the color and the fit, and choose your denim on the type of wash it sports. And to help you stock up on various washes, Lifestyle is giving great deals and offers on all denims this weekend – so, avail of these tempting discounts from 13th to 15th April in stores, and from 13th to 16th April online, and get your hands on some trendy denims with stylish washes!


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