The cardinal rule of gifting is to take time out to figure out what he or she will really appreciate – so personalise it. Here’s a fun list to help you choose…

1. For the sports lover


Buy him an assortment of gifts that celebrates his love of sports. A sports tee, a sporty scent, the latest FIFA or NBA video game, sporty stationery or memorabilia. Keep it creative and mix and match a few small items for a more complete gift box.

2. For the foodie

For anyone who loves food and may enjoy cooking too, order them their favourite indulgence. Mail them a bunch of carefully curated recipes, a hamper of exotic condiments, organic veggies or even small eats. Do something more intimate and special – invite them over for a meal cooked by you.

3. For the fashionista

Many professional cosmetics for make up

This one’s for that trend conscious friend… Gift her the full ensemble – from the outfit and fun accessories to matching bags and shoes or an indulgent make-up set that she would never buy for herself (e.g.: 4 shades of red; coloured mascara).

4. For the dapper gentleman

Make a gift box of cuff links, fine monogrammed handkerchiefs and socks to match all his suits. Another thoughtful gesture is a gift box of his favourite fragrance in soap, deo, shampoo, aftershave, lotion and perfume.

5. For the shopaholic

The best gift for your shopaholic friends is a gift card to splurge on! Instead of guessing what they may want, gift them a shopping experience so they can pick exactly what they want.

Make the gift extra special

• Put in a note-from-the-heart to say why you love having the person in your life.
• Gift an experience – from a vacation to a meal for two on the open-air rooftop restaurant – experiences are sure to work if matched to likes.
• Wrap the gift in beautiful hand-made paper and spray your favourite perfume on it… let it linger in the air reminding him/her of you.

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