Much like chocolate chip on ice-creams, tassels instantly make anything it’s on interesting and up the style quotient. It’s no wonder that they always sneak their way back to the runways, and it most definitely has in 2015, especially where bags are concerned. Now, you could go and shell out a considerable amount on a new shiny bag with tassels, or, you can make your own tassels and add new life to that bag already sitting in your closet. Your pick!

All you need is:

• Spool of faux leather/suede cord
• Scissors
• Heavy-duty Thread
• Super Glue
• 2 large end caps with metal chain

Step 1: Cut several strands (enough for 2 tassels) of 1 foot long leather cord, enough to tightly fit into the end cap when the strands are bunched together and folded in a inverted “U”.

Step 2: Cut 3 pieces of thread of 1.5 feet long each, and use all three together to make sure it’s sturdy

Step 3: Bunch half the strands of the previously-cut cord together and use the tripled thread to tie a knot, slightly off the centre of the bunch (leaving one half shorter than the other), to secure them together. Pull tight and repeat for a second knot.

Step 4: Fold the longer ends outward over the thread and the shorter ends of the cord. Shake them around till the strands fall into a neat bunch.

Step 5: Apply super glue at the folded end of the strands

Step 6: Squeeze the folded end into the end cap and push the end cap downwards to make sure it’s well glued.

Step 7: Trip the loose ends of the strands to equal lengths

Step 8: Finally, use the clasp at the end of the metal chain to attach it to your bag’s zipper. In case you don’t find end caps with chains, use a key ring. Pass it through the end caps’s loop and then attach the tassel to your bag.
Ta da!

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