With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, preparations must be in full swing for every lover out there to please their respective partners. No matter how long it’s been, this day adds a charm of fresh love and spice to every relationship all around the world. But for all those who haven’t found the perfect V-day gift worthy of their partners yet, and still want to go that extra mile, this is the place for you! Move over the chocolates and roses, these amazing DIY gift ideas will make sure you woo your loved one with creativity and smartness this year.

jar of happiness

Jar of happiness

This gift is just going to be as the name suggests. We are sure you may have a lot of reasons to love your better half and it’s time to express just that. Write down each reason on a small piece of coloured paper and fold it in half. Make as many chits as you like to fill up your mason jar. Take your jar and decorate it with ribbons, felt hearts and stickers. Put all the chits into the jar and voila! Your jar of happiness is ready to be gifted to that special someone on V-day! We guarantee you the big Cheshire smile that’s going to appear on your partner’s face each time the jar is opened.

notebook of memories

Miniature memories

Without any doubt, we can say that every relationship out there has their own share of sweet and spicy memories, and this gift is to cherish all those on this special day or any day your partner feels like taking a walk down the memory lane. Jot down all the special memories you have shared with your partner in a mini notebook and they can be anything whether it’s your first fancy dinner date with him or a lazy Sunday on the couch eating pizzas with her. Fill the book with all such special moments, and serve it to your loved one with breakfast in bed. Trust us, your partner is going to cherish this thoughtful gift forever.

love coupons

Love coupons 

Yes! This gift is as interesting as the name sounds. Cut out paper in heart shaped pieces and staple all of them together to create your own personalized book of coupons for your partner. The coupons can be exclusively redeemed by your partner and will contain small chores and responsibilities that you can relieve your partner of. For example, they can range from a breakfast in bed facility to a running errand or washing dishes one. Ideas are endless and they can be used by your partner whenever he/she wishes. Gift this to your special someone this V-day and he/she will love you even more for this caring & creative idea!


Happy stomach = Happy heart

A way to a man’s (or woman’s) heart is through the stomach. Well, who doesn’t love good food and especially if it has got to do with chocolates and hearts. Wake up the baker in you and bake something simple and delicious for your partner this V-day. Be it heart-shaped chocolate cupcakes or cookies or brownies, it’s going to be one lip-smacking gift for sure. If your partner is more of a savoury person, make savoury food with a cute twist. For example, make heart shaped puff-pastries or maybe even heart-shaped sandwiches. Treat your partner to a day of good ‘hearty’ food and witness wondrous results this Valentine’s Day.

You see, store bought gifts and cards are not the only option sometimes and giving your partner DIY gifts can turn it into a win-win situation even at the last moment. So, stop fretting and get to work to create some DIY magic this Valentine’s Day!






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