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The best DIY skincare routine


Now that you may not be able to hop across to your salon for your monthly facial, here are a few tired-tested at-home beauty rituals.

• The goodness of mask sheets

Enriched with the goodness of fruits and veggies like avocadoes and pomegranates, mask sheets fill your skin with nutrients for that firm, glowing skin.

• Easy-to-make face masks

Face, body skin care homemade ingredients - cosmetic clay, brushes, homemade soap, coffee scrub, avocado, lemon, homemade oatmeal soap, calendula, chamomile dried flowers, natural yogurt on a white background, top view. Beauty, healthy lifestyle concept

The golden rule: Use a natural exfoliant (sugar is good); a cleanser (besan, oats) and a skin-tonic (tomato – also a de-tanning agent, papaya). An easy face mask: Mix oats, egg white and sugar – avoid sugar if skin is sensitive.

• Clay masks to the rescue

From removing excess oil to clearing up acne and blemishes, clay masks are those wonder products that detoxify and moisturize your skin like no other.

• Drink enough water

Beautiful young girl drinks water from glass isolated on white

About 6-8 glasses is usually sufficient. Don’t overdo it as you may wash off essential salts from your system. Add a dash of lemon some antioxidant relief.

• Moisturize everyday

Moisturize Daily

Use oil-based moisturizers that will moisturize and hydrate. Coconut oil is excellent for the face and body.

• Feet and hand care

Water pouring from an earthenware pot into a luxurious aromatic foot soak

Rub your nails with a rich oil to nourish cuticles. Soak your feet in warm water with some salt in it for at least 30 minutes. This loosens dead skin, rehydrates feet and relaxes muscles.


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