What’s in a padded bra that it has become so popular these days? Here are a few reasons why all women should have a padded bra in their closet…

What’s a padded bra?

Padded bras are everyday bras that are made with cotton or different polyester fabrics. The only difference between these bras and regular ones is that they have a layer of padding stitched into the cups. If they’re not stitched directly into the bra, they’re made removable so you can pull them out the sides of the bra. They come with different thicknesses depending on how much padding you need.

What are the perks of wearing one?

The most obvious perk of wearing a padded bra is that they add volume to your bust to accentuate your look. They also provide great uplift and support as well. Most padded bras come with an underwire lining around the cups that along with the padding adds extra support and lift.

Comfort is another big benefit that women seek with padded bras. Their soft padding sits firmly against your body and provides relief from any discomfort or pain while moving.
Padded bras are versatile with clothing pairing. They are great to wear with fitted clothing or even t-shirts as their seamless cups won’t show through your clothes. They create a natural-looking figure that is suitable for all kinds of outfits.

Triumph’s collection of padded bras made for different occasions come in different shapes, styles and fabrics for your ultimate comfort and look. Shop the collection online today.

Lace detail padded bra


Multiway bra

TRIUMPH Floral Lace Padded Multiway Bra

Padded bra with transparent straps

TRIUMPH Lightly Padded Multiway Bra with Additional Transparent Straps

T-shirt bra

TRIUMPH Solid Padded T-shirt Bra

Wired Crossback T-shirt bra

TRIUMPH Colourblocked Padded Wired Crossback T-shirt Bra

Nursing bra


Contouring bra


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