Different attires for different Valentine’s day moods…all just for you! So head onto the Lifestyle app or at your nearest Lifestyle store and get your hands on trendy clothes for a special #DressForADate look!

Dress for date - with love from lifestyle

Shop The Looks

1-FAME FOREVER Men Floral Print Regular Fit T-shirt

2-BOSSINI Men Stonewashed Slim Tapered Jeans

3-CODE Men Solid Bomber Jacket

4-BOSSINI Men Solid Full Sleeves Regular Fit Casual Shirt

5-CODE Men Solid Super Slim Fit Formal Trousers

6-FORCA Men Checked Full Sleeves Slim Fit Casual Shirt

7-FORCA Men Solid Denim Jacket

8-CODE Printed Regular Fit Polo T-shirt

9-CODE Men Checked Slim Tapered Casual Trousers

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