There are various ways to show our love for our country on Republic Day through fashion and style, one of which is to create some inspirational nail art to celebrate the tri-colors. Every fashionable woman always loves to have her nails in top shape, and a trendy nail art is a great way of flaunting your style story. So, this republic day, why don’t you deck your nails up in the vibrant tri-colors of our nation in designs that will perfectly complement your R-day outfits? If you thought nail art is tricky and not your forte, here are a few easy ones to see you through the occasion!



Striped Shenanigans

Now imagine having an orange and green nail art with white stripes symbolizing the colors of the Indian flag on your nails to pair with your white salwar-kameez and green-orange dupatta on Republic Day. All you have to do is to get hold of nail varnishes in green, orange and white, and nail tape (or cut small strips of ordinary tape).  The first step is to cover the entire nail in a coat of white nail varnish. Let it dry and then place nail tape or the small strips diagonally over the nail leaving spaces in between. Next choose any green shade of your choice and paint the entire nail over the tape itself. After it dries, paint the upper half of the nail in a bright or rust-ish orange shade of nail paint. Again let it dry and then pull out the strips of nail tape to let this brilliant tri-color design unfold.



Outstanding Ombre

This classic multi-shaded technique has been trending for quite some time now, and isn’t going away anytime soon. The best part is that it’s as easy as it looks beautiful. Get hold of the three nail varnishes and a clear top coat and don’t fret about messing it up, because it looks natural when messy. The first step is to clean your nails, cover it in white polish and dry. Start with the orange shade on the bottom part of the nail and make sure to apply only till a centimetre from the half nail. Make sure to take just a little on the brush and create a dabbing effect. Repeat the same with green polish on the tip of the nails and come down only a centimetre from the top so that there are clear demarcations between the orange on the bottom, white in the middle and green on the tip. You can dab on the nail paints using a piece of sponge if you want a better grainy effect.



Scintillating Scallops

Well, who doesn’t like a scallop silhouette on the hem here or on the neck there? This Republic Day why not try it out one on your nails? It’s super-easy to execute and will fetch you loads of compliments. But for this, in addition to the tri-color nail varnishes, you also need to get hold of a super thin nail brush or paint brush. Just coat your nail in a bright and bubbly orange shade and let it dry. Now start from the right top hand corner of the nails and make your way diagonally to the middle of the opposite side with a thin brush doing small and fine scallops in white nail polish. After it dries, fill in the upper tip of the nail in a green nail polish shade and to add extra glamour, you can use a sparkly or a metallic one. You can rock this nail art with a white tunic over your blue denims and a tri-colored scarf around your neck on Republic Day!



Flattering Flagship

Now, this nail art is all about precision and it will yield the exact image of our flag on your nails. You just need to have a steady hand and more than five minutes in hand to create this masterpiece. First of all, do the obvious of painting the entire nail in a coat of white varnish and letting it dry. Then take your thin brush and paint vertical stripes of orange on one side and green stripes on the other leaving substantial space of white in between. After it’s completely dry, take your brush again and dip it in a bottle of blue nail paint and make a small circle right in the centre of the nail. If you are a master of precision, you can even try making a ‘chakra’ within the circle using white strokes. This one may take a bit longer than the previous ones but once it’s done, we can guarantee it’s going to be all worth it.


We are sure you will have everyone drooling over your pretty ‘patriotic’ nails. Just get hold of the famous colors that are the stars of the show here and believe us it’s just a matter of minutes before you have Republic Day-ready nails to go with your tri-color outfits!


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