Everyone’s New Year resolutions include at least one that entails losing weight or getting fit. And those are the very resolutions that are broken the fastest. You never run out of excuses to not go to the gym or to stop going on your daily morning jog. So, this year, why not resolve to stick to your fitness-related resolutions? We’ll help you achieve your weight-loss goals by giving you tips on what will help you forget those excuses and hit the treadmill with fervour!




Variety is the flavour of life

Doing the same kind of exercise every day might bore you out and you might soon be making excuses to not pursue it. Try working out in more than one form so that the routine doesn’t get monotonous. Apart from hitting the gym, you can also join zumba or aerobics classes or enrol in yoga courses. Try going on early morning jogs or go for swims in your nearby club once in a while. You can also pursue any kind of sport that you might have interest in.

Let your smaller clothes motivate you

You must have older, smaller sized clothes deep in the back of your wardrobe which are too dear to you to be discarded, but too small to fit into. Let those favourite pieces inspire you to work out, so that the thought of fitting into them once again becomes a motivation for your goal. If you stick to your fitness routine religiously, then it won’t be long when you’ll be able to flaunt those smaller sized clothes yet again!




Listen to your body

If you are not a regular fitness freak, then your body will resist your sudden attempts at working out. Don’t be too strict with your regime from the very beginning. Go slow and listen to the reactions of your body. When your body starts giving up, it’s probably time to heed its urges. Don’t push too hard or you won’t be able to continue for long. Give up when your body says so, but do it regularly – slowly your body will adapt to the muscle movements and working out will become easier & more enjoyable for you!

Find solutions to your excuses

Your mind might conjure up extravagant excuses every morning for skipping the gym or not going out for the morning jog and you’ll be tempted to listen to them. The best way to put an end to your own excuses is to find out the solutions to them. If you feel that you overslept & couldn’t wake up on time for your aerobics class, then put an alarm every day and stop yourself from hitting the snooze button. Don’t pay too much heed to those excuses, or you might end up breaking your fitness resolution faster than you think.




Get new fitness gear

There’s nothing like retail therapy to tune up the level of excitement for anything. Get yourself some new gym clothes and training shoes, indulge in a few accessories like towels, sippers, headbands or wrist bands and even go for new tech toys such as fitness gadgets and you’ll automatically feel motivated to put them to good use! You’ll work out regularly, even if it only for flaunting your new kicks or keeping tab of your targets on your new gadgets & apps.

So, go and enrol yourself at the nearest gym today! Go swimming or go for jogs in your neighbourhood park, try something new like kick-boxing or aerial yoga and have fun while getting fit! Learn to enjoy your work out and you’ll stick to your resolutions without even thinking of any excuses!




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