Do you need a loaded bank account to be a fashionishta? Absolutely not! Ladies, there’s a budget-savvy way to be stylish and on trend. Sure it requires some work but it’s nothing a little tact and planning can’t fix. Follow our guide to smart budget-shopping and you will taste some sweet fashion success, we promise.

Have a Budget

You know the saying “time is money”’? Well, it’s true where shopping is concerned. More time in a store equals more spending. So budget in how much money and time you are going to spend, and stick to it! Carry cash to make the mission failsafe.

Make that List

Check your closet for the essentials, research the latest trends and make a list of things your wardrobe needs before you step out.

Sync Your Shopping Clock

How? Sign up for their newsletter, follow your brands online, visit often and familiarise yourself with the store. You will be updated about the new collections and be among the first to know about the sales.

Have the Must-haves

A white shirt, a black trouser, a pair of denim, nude heels, a black bag, a great watch, etc., are wardrobe gold. They can be mixed and matched with anything and worn time and again. Invest in the essentials during sales to get the best deal without compromising on quality.

Patience Pays

See something you need and want, don’t go for the kill yet. Find out if a sale is nigh and then make your move.

Shop a Year Ahead

Stock up on the coats, sweaters, gloves etc. during the end-of-winter sale and your bum shorts, beach wear and tank tops at the end-of-summer sale.

Set Sale.

Basics, shoes, bags and accessories are essential to a stylish wardrobe but they can be heavy on the pocket, so be sure to stock up when they are on sale.

Save or Splurge

Do you need it, do you love it, and will you wear it? If yes, splurge, if no, skip. Something too trend specific that won’t last another season? Save – buy a cheap version that will see you through that season. A classic LBD that fits you like a dream? Spluuurrrge! Also, if it’s something that you are going to wear often, splurge. Weigh your reasoning and decide whether to save or splurge accordingly.

We just saved you an arm and a kidney, you’re welcome!

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