We’ve covered what to pack for the vacation and how to dress for the airport but you are not ready to set out on your holiday just yet, not until you’ve got your airport essentials in tow. Here’s a checklist to make sure you don’t miss a thing. Trust us, you’ll need them.

Essential Airport Accessories

A Cross-Body Bag Or Back-Pack. They are hands-free, and unlike totes and shoulder bags, don’t get in the way or fall off, plus they carry as much.

Sun Glasses: You cannot survive a vacation with out this, it also adds oomph to any vacation outfit.

Your Wallet. This is a no brainer but also the most essential, so make sure it’s the first thing to go into your bag, credit card et all.

Passport Holder. With your passport snuggled in, of course.

The Travel Pillow. Sure it’s going to take up most of your bag space but it’ll also give you some sweet shut-eye.

A Sleek Cosmetic Bag for your lip gloss, mirror, face wash, body mist, hand sanitizer and some make-up to go – lipstick and kohl.

Stole or Wrap. Just in case it gets cold.

Music/Book. Or both, to keep you engaged through all the waiting and flying.

Headphones. Besides doing its job, a cool pair also adds some swag to your airport style. No one ever said no to that.

Tissues and Wet Wipes. They always come handy, even if it’s only to wipe away tears triggered by your soppy book. We have no idea how we travelled before they came about. We totally get Mr. Monk.

The Cell Phone. With all the impending “I am vacationing” Facebook posts, we doubt you are going to forget this one, but we’ll just put it in there.

Okay, now you are all set. Get out the door!

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