Off to college? Well, we thought we’d prep you on how to have an easier life inside those hallowed gates. Don’t ever… nah! we are not going to embark on a “do this and don’t do that” boring saga. We just want to tell you how to kick survival’s ass while never skimping on fun. How? With the right apps, of course! So, make sure to have these in addition to the Instagrams and Snapchats.


You are going to have a lot of study material to juggle. Enter: Evernote, the note-making and archiving wizard. The app syncs every text, audio, photo, video – you name it – to a single account, so that you can have access to your study material any time.

Available Free on iOS and Android.


All the excitement around may just make you lose track of your (tight) budget and leave you broke or worse, in debt. This app is your personal finance manager, and at no cost!

Available Free on iOS and Android.


No doubt there is plenty of fun to be had in college but you are there to study, and myHomework will make sure you never forget that. Classes, homework, assignments, tests – it’ll send you reminders for them all.

Available Free on iOS and Android.

Did the professor just throw a word that’s not in your vocabulary? No problem, head over here and you’ll never again forget what it means.

Available Free on iOS and Android.


You know how your research (read: Google) throws up multiple pages that you can’t quite read at once? Add it to Pocket and read at your leisure. No digging through the history required.

Available Free on iOS and Android.


Need to copy notes? Simply scan them via CamScanner and save them on the “cloud” – Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. – of your choice. Because who has the time to write!

Available Free on iOS and Android.


No more tedious formatting for the Bibliography page of your project. EasyBib will automatically generate the citation you need. Can life get any easier?

Available Free on iOS and Android.



Exams are nigh? Stress less, save time and maximize learning though the StudyBlue flashcards. Create flashcards, quiz yourself, track your progress and ace those papers!

Available Free on iOS and Android.

Maths Alarm Clock

But first, wake up on time. And for that you need to stop hitting the snooze button. This app will make sure of that because the only way you can stop the alarm is by solving a simple math problem. Awake, are we?

Available Free on iOS (Mathe Alarm Clock) and Android.

Let the cake walk begin!




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