Many of us love the hot weather and the many fashion trends it brings, but summer can also be a difficult season to dress for. The sweltering heat, harsh sun against your skin and not to mention the sweat sticking to your body. But with the right summer outfit ideas, you will be able to feel cool and comfortable through these months while also flaunting your summer fashion with ease.

Putting together your summertime wardrobe means finding what works well for your body type and picking clothing styles that work for the season. For example, breathable fabrics, light colours and open footwear to let your feet breathe. A few tips and tricks will have you ready to slay summer like the fashion pro you are. And while you’re looking for summer outfit inspiration, why not have fun with your outfits and try new trends too?

Keep reading for summer dressing to-dos.

  • Natural fibres for the win

Fabrics like cotton and linen are synonymous with summer for a good reason. They differ because natural fibres are breathable, which prevents heat from getting trapped between the material and your skin. This lets you cool down faster and controls excessive sweating. These materials also tend to be lighter and softer, making them far more comfortable while you do your best to tolerate the heat. And for those who suffer from allergic reactions to clothing, natural fibres are also naturally hypoallergenic. These are some of the reasons why natural fibres are ideal choices for the hot weather.

  • Wear light colours

When the sun is as bright as it can be and it’s doing its best to burn you, you need clothes that reflect the sun’s rays away from you rather than ones that absorb the heat, making you feel even hotter. This is why light-coloured clothes are always recommended when it comes to how to dress in summer. Not only do they add a layer of style to your summer outfits, but they also protect you from the scorching sun.  

  • Summer footwear is always better

Think of wearing sandals and flip-flops like light-coloured, breathable summer clothes.

Summer footwear and open-shoe styles allow your feet to breathe and help you stay cool in the heat. Closed shoes, especially sneakers and casual lace-ups, will cause your feet to sweat, making you feel quite uncomfortable by the end of the day. While there are times when you have to switch up your footwear, open-shoe styles are the best for all other times. And you can effortlessly integrate these simply stylish shoes into your summer fashion clothes.

  • Dresses are forever stylish

Dresses have all the advantages mentioned above, such as being lightweight and breathable. The added bonus is that they don’t restrict your movement, allowing you to move around as freely as you wish. This is a huge plus in humid climates, where even the slightest breeze can feel amazing. Besides how functional dresses are, they are also great for your summer outfit ideas, making them some of the best clothes to wear in summer. The loose, flowing fits and joyful prints make them perfect for a summer vibe. 

  • Try a summer trend

If you’re someone who stays on top of fashion trends as much as possible, then you can’t miss out on trying out a trend every season. Summer fashion trends tend to be fun and playful, making them even more enjoyable to try out. This season pop colours and pastel hues are trending, so grab the opportunity to update your clothing style and experiment with these styles. Who knows? You may find a new staple you want to keep in your wardrobe.

  • Loose fits over tight ones

Wearing loose fits is another function over fashion reason. Loose-fitted clothes won’t stick to your skin, allowing your skin to breathe and making you feel more comfortable in the heat. But we can assure you, there’s no compromise on fashion either! Flowing dresses, loose skirts and baggy tops all have their own appeal. It just all boils down to how you style your summer outfits.

  • Make sure your flats are cute

Just because you have to leave behind your closed shoes and sneakers for a few months doesn’t mean you can’t look super cute in slip-on flats and sandals. There are a few easy ways to make sure you look good in flats:

  • Wear outfits that complement sandals and flip flops
  • Match or contrast your flats with your accessories or outfit the right way
  • Stay consistent with your colour palette
  • Wear them for the right occasions
  • Ditch the heavy denim

Don’t get dragged down by your denims. Store them away for the cooler seasons and opt for lightweight materials instead. Joggers, cotton trousers, shorts and skirts are all great options for trendy summer outfits. If denims are a must in your wardrobe, then white jeans are a timeless style for hot summer outfit ideas. If you dare to be bold, you can also explore other light colours in pastel shades. The same goes for denim shorts.

  • Dabble in prints

Nothing screams summer quite like prints do, especially florals and tropical motifs. It would be a crime not to include some prints in your summer fashion, as the season is the best time to flaunt this trend. And why stop at florals and tropical prints? Ethnic prints are a sure-fire way to light up your outfits. Indian ethnic wear has a variety of exciting prints and patterns that go with the season. You can mix up your desi girl look or try fusion wear to add more interest to your summer fashion clothes.

  • Have fun with your style

After everything is said and done, at the end of the day, looking good and feeling good comes down to how you think about what you’re wearing. Don’t blindly follow trends or new styles. Even if something looks good on someone else, it doesn’t mean it would work for your body type. So spend time understanding what looks good on your body and makes you feel confident. Even the best summer outfit inspiration won’t beat feeling bold and confident. Experiment, learn and grow to get the best out of your clothes so you can express your personality how you want. 

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