Gone are the days when makeup meant bright lipstick and contouring. Now it’s all in the eyes! Spice up those face mask looks with makeup to maximize the impact of your eyes! Try out these looks today…

1. Winged eyeliner

Simple, elegant and chic… winged eyeliner enhances the shape of your eyes and is so easy to apply! If you have small or close-set eyes, you can try double-wings to make your eyes pop. Yes, the eyeliner may appear challenging but do it a few times and you’ll be surprised how easy it gets.

2. Easy way to get smokey eyes

The classic smokey eyes look is simpler than it looks but with double the impact! Start with a mid-tone eyeshadow on your lids going a little beyond towards the brow. Apply a little black liner along the lash-line. Add a darker tone shadow or even sparkle shadow just above this. Gently and carefully smudge the liner and shadow to create the artful smokey-eyed look. Go slow when you do this. Top it off with high-volume mascara and see your eyes come alive!

3. Colourful eyeshadow

Bored of neutrals? Eyeshadow palettes come in every colour in the rainbow! So go crazy with this one and add tones of rosy pinks, rich reds, sky blues or jade greens to your lids. Finish it up with mascara and contrasting eyeliner. Match to outfit for extra effect.

4. How to apply mascara

Long, thick lashes never go out of style and are the easiest way to make your eyes look bigger and more beautiful! Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler and apply your fave mascara in two coats. Let dry between coats.

5. White eye-liner

A hot trend is the white liner look that brightens up your eyes instantly! Instead of using regular liner to highlight your eyes, switch it up for white. You can also try a combination of the two!

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