Farhan Akhtar for Code

One of the most versatile talents of Bollywood and a suave star who knows how to strut his stuff in style, Farhan Akhtar has more than one reason for the huge female fan following that he can (but does not) boast of. This dapper dude is as stylish as he is talented and intelligent – in short, the man of every girl’s dream. Needless to say, Farhan cuts a stylish figure as the face of CODE by Lifestyle and this long-standing association between the star & the brand is a matter of pride for both. A quick chat with the man who directs, acts, sings & steals hearts with equal élan (and the ubiquitous shy, boyish smile).
Q : What’s your take on modern day men’s fashion.

A: Well, I think there is a lot of choice for men in terms of clothes for them to dress differently as per the occasion. One spots people sporting a cool, easy and chilled out look, where they are happy and comfortable, dressy but not over the top. Looking smart without making it seem like you’ve put in an effort is a big trend, and it is nice to be a part of it by wearing these clothes.

Q: You have endorsed CODE for season after season, what is the chemistry?

A: Eventually whatever you do, or put your name to, or speak to people about, and tell them that they should buy into this idea or style is something that you have to have an affinity with and that you have to be comfortable to wear yourself. Every time I have worn Code’s clothes, I have felt comfortable and happy wearing it. Whenever I have done a photoshoot for Code, I’ve felt good and it’s essentially that feeling that has made me consistently endorse Code.

Q: How do you see fashion in films changing over the years?

A: I think the biggest change that has happened in fashion in films is that now the characters really don’t look like they have made an effort to look a particular way. There was a time when everyone on screen looked like they were made up and made to wear clothes that they necessarily didn’t pull out of their own wardrobes – that has changed. Now when you watch a movie, everyone looks like they belong to the character and even their clothes belong to that character. I think this is a very big change as this has made the experience of watching a movie feel more real and believable. You can say so much more about a person just by the way they dress, hence, costume plays a huge role in the viewing of a film. And yes, it has definitely changed a lot.

Q : Your CODE for a fit and fashionable life.

A: I think eating healthy and exercising is very important – both make one feel very optimistic and positive. Also, being true in terms of fashion, i.e. being true to who you are, is really important. Everyone has an individual style. Of course, you can get inspired by a style and incorporate things that you are impressed by, but eventually you have to be comfortable with what you wear. Anything that you wear which you aren’t comfortable with is going to show eventually.




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