Happy Birthday December and January people! You’re ambitious, organized, practical and goal-oriented, and we love you for that. Your wardrobes, other than being always clean and spotless, is comfy, practical and yet glamorous.

What more do you need? We have the answer…

Clothes for work!

You love working and you love dressing up your part. So there’s always some space for new workwear. We suggest something stylish, yet formal; something comfortable, yet sophisticated…. How about a black pencil skirt with frayed hem?


You like practical clothing that’s comfortable, can be worn anywhere and with anything, is trendy and stays in style for years! So how about a new pair of denims with a twist?

Peppy Staples

You love your basics and never let them go. But how about adding something bright and vivid to your basics collection? Maybe a trendy green top, or a red skirt or even a floral printed dress?

Flash them all with a new set of pearls (which we know you love) and you’re good to go! Have a great month Capricorns!

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