If graphic t-shirts, baggy denims and sneakers occupy most of your wardrobe, then this style guide is made for you. Following these 8 fashion tips for men will help you build a better overall look with style and panache. So put aside the random outfits you pull together at the last moment and instead incorporate these tips from this men’s fashion style guide to create a more trend-aware and good-looking you…

1. Build on your staples

This is the most failsafe option when it comes to building a better wardrobe. If you have your classic styles and closet staples in place, you can put together an outfit that looks good even when you are dashing out the door in a hurry. Some classic styles that every man’s wardrobe should have more of are solid-coloured t-shirts in half-sleeved and full-sleeved styles, casual and formal shirts, denims, neutral-coloured chinos and three styles of shoes – sneakers, casual lace-ups and Oxford or Derby shoes for formal occasions.

1.WFH vibes with these ultra-comfy trousers1.WFH vibes with these ultra-comfy trousers 2. light casual fitted shirts from CODE by Lifestyle!

2. Accessorise with a classic watch

Men’s fashion doesn’t have as many accessories as women’s fashion does, so making the most of the ones you have and knowing where to use them is a good first step to dressing more stylishly. One classic watch with an analogue dial and a metal or fabric strap in a neutral colour will complement most outfits nicely. If you want to match your outfits better, you can opt for a few classic looks – an analogue watch with a Silver strap for your formals, an analogue watch with a Black or Navy Blue strap for your casuals and a digital watch or smartwatch for your athleisure.

2.latest watches available at Lifestyle like this one from Timex. 1.latest time pieces like this one from Timex available at Lifestyle.

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3. Choose your denims wisely

One of the easier fashion tips for men to incorporate is adding denims. Most of us already have denims in our wardrobe but finding what really suits your body type is a bit trickier. You can do this by learning more about your body shape and the kinds of available denims – their rise, cuts and washes. You don’t want to pick denims that are too baggy and fall off your hips and get caught under your feet. Instead pick well-fitting denims that sit snugly around your waist or hips and end just below your ankles. You can also roll up the bottom of your denims for a cuffed denim style. Black denims work well for semi-formal or smart casual looks (think Polo t-shirts and casual shirts), while Blue or coloured denims are an ideal match for casual or weekend vibes.

2.Solid Regular Fit Denim Shirt with Stonewashed Skinny Fit Jeans from DENIMIZE FROM Fame Forever by Lifestyle 1.stonewashed hooded shirts and skinny jeans from Forca by Lifestyle

4. Add more colour to your looks

A big part of men’s clothing styles is made up of dark colours and neutrals – Navy Blues, Blacks, Browns, Beiges and Greys. And as much as these colours make styling an outfit easy, brighter shades can make your outfit pop like nothing else. If you really want to experiment with colours, you could try pastel trends for men that have light shades of Pinks, Greens, Blues, Purples, Yellows and more. Otherwise, you can just try adding more colour to your t-shirts or shirts and even your shoes.

2.dashing summer perfect outfits! 1.Stonewashed Slim Tapered Jeans and Linen Shirt

5. Brighten your outfit with prints & patterns

A great way to add more colour to your outfit is to play around with prints and patterns. This is one of the best ways to leave behind the boring solid colours and add something more exciting and daring to your look. And it’s not just stripes or checks. Depending on your personal style, you can try tropical prints, floral prints, camouflage patterns, plaid or geometric designs. Prints and patterns are best matched with neutral or solid-coloured complements. So a printed shirt would work well with neutral bottoms or a patterned pair of trousers would pair well with a solid-coloured shirt. Knowing what pairs well with what is also useful when learning about fashion tips for men.

2.cool and comfy fits from CODE by Lifestyle! 1.tie-dye print jacket from Forca by Lifestyle.

6. Outerwear will amp up any look

No matter the season, some of the types of clothing styles for men that will make you look more stylish is layering with jackets, sweaters, cardigans, hoodies and more. This is a quick way to upgrade even the most basic outfit to an attention-grabbing one. The right jacket over a Polo t-shirt and chinos or the right hoodie over a graphic t-shirt and joggers will automatically look better. Invest in all-rounder designs like a bomber jacket, light open sweater and zip-up jacket for your athleisure.

2.Solid Panelled Bomber Jacket by BOSSINI from Lifestyle! 1. dobby textured surface for men from CODE by Lifestyle

7. The right footwear always wins

Ever heard of the expression ‘put your best foot forward’? We’re taking it one step ahead by saying put your best shoe forward! Footwear is a big part of dressing styles for men that go unnoticed. If you are that guy who has just one pair of shoes for your formals and one pair of shoes for everything else, now’s the time to change that. Like any other accessory, shoes can make or break your outfit, so getting a few quality pairs will improve your style. That doesn’t mean you need a closet full of shoes; just that you should find a few versatile pairs that work with everything that you wear. Comfortable sneakers for your athleisure or gym looks, casual lace-ups for casual wear, sliders and flip-flops for loungewear or to make a quick dash to the shop and Oxfords, Derbys or loafers for your formal wear.

1.closet staple stylish and casual loafers with a detailed horse shoe buckle from CODE by Lifestyle. 2.Textured Sports Shoes from FORCA by Lifestyle.Textured Sports Shoes from FORCA by Lifestyle.

8. Suit up for special occasions

When it comes to special occasions like formal evening parties, weddings, office functions or even an important date night, there’s nothing like a man showing up in a well-tailored suit. And how do you find a suit that fits you well? The first thing is to know your sizes and to try on your clothes before buying them. A pair of crisp trousers that are not too long or too short, a full-sleeved shirt that contours your body correctly and a blazer that ties your look together will create a seamless formal look. Depending on the occasion you can go all out and accessorise with a matching tie, a belt, formal shoes and a watch.

2.statement outfits from Blackberry available at Lifestyle. 1.styling these Textured Slim Fit Casual Trousers with your favourite shirts!

If you’re looking for men’s styles to build your wardrobe, Lifestyle Stores has a range of men’s clothing that is affordable and stylish. With men’s denims starting at just Rs. 999, shirts from Rs. 799, chinos from Rs. 999 and Polo t-shirts from Rs. 499, you can create a whole new look without burning a hole in your pocket. Now, that is style that’s worth it!

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These fashion tips for men helped me out with my date, as I was clueless about what to wear for the first date. It helped me choose the best outfit with the accessories and made me aware of what’s trending these days.

Jai Shah

I really enjoyed reading this article which has such great fashion tips for men. All the tips are so classy yet graceful that anyone can pull them off easily. Totally worth the time spent on reading.