Dive into the trending styles to pair with your outfits. (And brush up on mask hygiene)

Block colours do the trick

Switch up your dull blacks and greys for all the colours in the rainbow. From pinks and purples to blues and greens, there’s a stylish shade to accessorize your every outfit. We’re crushing on the denim-like shades!

• Printed or Striped

With florals, polka dots, stripes, paisleys and more… nothing says fashion statement like vibrant prints to not only keep you safe but as your own self-expression.

• Trending Scarf Masks

Innovation and fashion meet at these simple yet chic scarf masks. Made with soft, breathable fabric and adorned with ethnic prints, these scarves can be paired with your kurtas or tops.

• Masks For Kids

Try something fun and playful for your little ones. For girls, choose from Mickey Mouse or Hello Kitty prints and a variety of cute colours and for boys, choose their favourite superheroes and more.

Know-how on ‘maskne’

‘Maskne’ is acne formed in the areas covered by a mask. This is caused primarily due to friction, pressure, stretching and rubbing. Wear softer cloth masks and wash daily. You may try aloe vera or silicone gel on the affected area.

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