Looking fashionable isn’t just about dressing up in the latest trends or the fanciest or most expensive clothes. It’s not only the garment that makes the outfit but the tiny details that create that overall look. Be it a hairband that has the same colour as your kurta or shoes with a metallic finish that matches your lehenga’s prints; it’s paying attention to these details that will turn a stylish outfit into one with some serious wow factor. Here are 6 styling tips for festive season that will get you compliments…

1. Amp up your makeup

Amp up your makeup

Makeup is to your face what fashionable clothes are to your body, and they both go hand-in-hand. Putting together the perfect ensemble means getting the right makeup that suits the rest of your look. An embellishment-heavy outfit could be paired with a simple no-makeup makeup look, while a more muted outfit can be paired with bold makeup. A swipe of a bright-coloured lipstick or a dark line of kohl work wonders on their own too.

2. Match your jewellery

Match your jewellery

You don’t have to wear only ethnic jewellery with your ethnic looks. Western jewellery styles can go equally well with your festive wear, but if you’re going for that desi look, then ethnic jewellery styles are a class apart. Detailed with designs that resemble the ethnic motifs on your kurtas and sarees, they are perfect as a festive wear must have.

3. Experiment with hairstyles


Getting the right hairstyle to go with your ethnic wear is equally important, especially when tikkas are part of Indian dressing. But even if you aren’t planning on donning a tikka, the right hairstyle will complement your entire look and help elevate your earrings and necklaces. From a messy bun for bad hair days to wavy layers for the good ones, experiment with different hairstyles to get a whole new look.

4. Add interest with dupattas and stoles

Add interest with dupattas and stoles

Dupattas are not as popular for all outfits, but one of the best tips to enhance your festive wear look is to add a dupatta or, at the very least, a stole to your outfit. They add an extra layer of colour, texture and embellishments to your ensemble and can make you look elegant. Try different draping styles to get the most out of your dupatta or stole.

5. Mix solids and prints

Mix solids and prints

If you’re adding different elements to create an outfit, one of the festive fashion tips that will come in handy is remembering to mix both solids and prints. Too much print, pattern, embroidery or embellishments may end up looking gaudy. If you do want to mix two garments with prints, try sticking to the same shades. A great style tip to follow is to anchor your outfit with one main piece – be it solid or printed – and build the rest of your outfit on top of that.

6. Glam up your footwear

Glam up your footwear

If you’re wondering, how can I stay stylish in festive season? Here’s a simple tip you should try – pay close attention to your footwear! Again, if you want a very desi¬-inspired look (and if you’re looking for comfort too), juttis, ballerinas and sliders will give you that ethnic touch. For a more party feel, shimmering silver or gold finishes are ideal. And as always, heels look stunning with any outfit, no matter what.

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Saher Monaz

I’m always looking for festive fashion tips, and this article has provided me with some excellent ones. A must-read for all fashion enthusiasts.

Pratham Singh

August to October was entore festive season I wanted some great festive fashion tips as I had around 4-5 weddings to attend, This blog has some really great festive fashion tips that are super useful! I would highly recommend you to try these tips.