No matter how cute your outfit is, getting your hair styled perfectly for the festivities is a must to complete your look. There is plenty to consider while styling your hair, including matching it with your outfit and accessories.

Here are three types of hairstyles for the festivities:

1. Letting your hair loose – Curl, straighten, or do the twist

This hairdo is perfect if you don’t want something elaborate and want to keep it simple, neat, and classic. You can play around with the texture and length by straightening, curling, or twisting it at home or pamper yourself to a salon day to set your hair. This look goes perfectly with a stunning A-line kurta paired with classic traditional jewelry.

2. Sleek, stylish, and modern

This hairstyle gives a snatched and sleek look that can be matched perfectly with a contemporary or fusion outfit. Not only does this style look sexy and modern, but it also keeps your hair in place while you continue your festival parties. Wear this gelled look with your hair up or down.

3. Say it with braids

Contrary to popular belief, the festive braids are perfect for all hair lengths. French braid it from both sides of the front to the back and team it up with festive earrings for shorter hair.

The festivals are the perfect excuse to play dress up and try out different styles. Go crazy and experiment with matching jewelry and outfits and see what works best for you!

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