From your everyday straight kurta to the more flamboyant layered kurta, there are plenty of festive kurta types for women that can go from festive season essentials to all year round picks for your wardrobe. There’s nothing more versatile than kurtas that you can style with different lowers – think palazzo pants, churidars, salwars, straight pants, leggings and even denims if you choose them carefully. So read on to know more about these 8 types of festive wear kurtas to add to your ethnic wear closet seamlessly…

1. Straight kurtas

Probably the most popular style of kurtas, straight cut kurtas are at the top of the list of festive kurta types for women. The elegant straight design comes in different lengths but is usually mid-calf length. They are all-season staples that can be worn for a variety of occasions.

1.MELANGE Women Solid Straight Kurta

2.AMUKTI Women Printed Straight Kurta

Step up your basics with the new range from Melange by Lifestyle with kurtas starting at just Rs. 499. Try the simplistic Lime Yellow solid straight kurta with a bit of embroidery down the centre and around the cuffs. For something more elaborate in this design, Amkuti’s multicoloured straight kurta with a band collar and a close-together floral print is the way to go.

2. Three-quarter sleeves kurtas

Kurta sleeve designs come in different lengths and patterns, but the three-quarter sleeves kurta is an all-time favourite. They are another all-season staple that works well in different weather, and the best part is that you can find three-quarter sleeves on various festive wear kurta styles.

1.MELANGE Women Printed Three-quarter Sleeves Kurta

2.IMARA Women Embroidered Three-quarter Sleeves Straight Kurta

Check out Melange by Lifestyle’s new collection for three-quarter sleeves kurtas. The Rs. 799 range includes this bright Yellow kurta with a band collar and button placket covered in bold multicoloured ethnic prints. The Light Pink kurta from Imara offers a more minimalistic design with White embroidery.

3. Flared kurtas

Like the Anarkali style kurtas, flared kurtas get their name from the wider bottom compared to a more fitted top. The wider bottom can have pleats, different length hemlines, or just be cut broader than the traditional straight cut.

1.COLOUR ME Women Printed Sleeveless Flared Kurta with Dipped Hems

2.SPAN Women Embroidered Flared Kurta

You can try out a kurta with different length hemlines from the new Lifestyle Stores’ collection. The Colour Me kurta at Rs. 999 is sleeveless and is designed with dipped hems. The Pink fabric is covered in ethnic motifs and a printed neckline and hems. Another striking style to choose comes from Span. The Dark Green kurta has Gold embroidery and tie-ups on either side to make the flared design stand out more.

4. Asymmetric kurtas

A must-have in festive wear for women, asymmetric kurta designs have a similar look and feel to flared and Anarkali designs. The biggest difference is that they come in different lengths, while flared and Anarkali styles are usually closer to floor length.

1.SPAN Women Kurta with Asymmetric Hem

2.MELANGE Women Printed Asymmetrical Hem Kurta

Asymmetric kurtas come in different styles. The Red kurta from Melange by Lifestyle has extended sides with tassels at the ends with a shorter midsection. The printed sleeves and notched neckline add to its pretty design. Opt for Span’s asymmetric kurta in Gold for something out of the box. One side is sleeveless, with the other having layers of textured fabric that extends into the body of the kurta. The elegant neckline with sequins is what’s most recognisable.

5. Embroidered kurtas

If you like a little more detailing in your kurta designs, then you will love embroidered kurtas that come with a variety of intricate detailing, making use of embellishments like beadwork, sequins and the ever-popular thread embroidery.

1.MELANGE Women Embroidered Straight Kurta with Salwar and Dupatta

2.W Women Embroidered Three-quarter Sleeves Straight Kurta

Festive kurta types for women that include some embroidery can be found from brands like Melange by Lifestyle and W. The straight kurta in Pink from Melange by Lifestyle has elaborate embroidery on the bodice and cuffs. The stylish kurta comes with a Blue sheer dupatta and a printed salwar to match. For a more distinct embroidered style, the White straight kurta from W is the way to go. With embroidery running down either sleeve and large floral embroidery on the skirt, it will instantly pep up your ethnic look.

6. Printed kurtas

1.BIBA Women Printed Straight Kurta

2.RANGRITI Women Printed Kurta and Palazzo with Dupatta

While solid colour kurtas are great for everyday wear, vibrantly printed kurtas are perfect for festive wear for women. Make a style statement like never before with Biba’s straight kurta in Black. The colour is brightened up by the lively floral and geometric prints that cover the surface of the fabric. You can also try a plain White kurta and add that touch of colour and print with the palazzo pants and dupatta in Blue – this design from Rangriti.

7. Layered kurtas

Layered kurtas are exactly what they sound like. They are designed with one longer kurta usually worn underneath a shorter kurta, so both patterns that complement each other are visible. This can also be achieved by stitching a layer to just one kurta or wearing a shrug over a single kurta.

1.MELANGE Women Printed Layered Kurta with Palazzos and Dupatta

2.BIBA Women Printed Layered Kurta with Straight Pants, Dupatta and Mask

You can find some gorgeous layered kurtas from Biba and Melange by Lifestyle. The Light Yellow sleeveless kurta from Biba has a mix of an all-over print and more obvious floral prints. It comes with a printed dupatta, straight pants and even a matching mask. Another elegant pick is the Beige layered kurta with palazzo pants and a dupatta with Gold prints that shimmer and really bring this outfit to life.

8. A-line kurtas

These kurtas get their name from the shape of the letter ‘A’. They are designed to be narrow at the top with a wider bottom giving the kurta the shape of an ‘A’. Similarly to the straight cut kurta, these kurtas are a versatile and popular design that can be worn for a variety of occasions depending on the print and colour.

1.MELANGE Women Printed A-Line Kurta with Straight Pants and Dupatta

2.GLOBAL DESI Women Printed A-Line Kurta

For a more casual everyday kurta, the Yellow kurta from Global Desi with a box print in Pink and Green is a good choice, while the multicoloured kurta from Melange by Lifestyle has that rich appearance perfect for a festive occasion. The intricate prints are contrasted by the Red sheer dupatta and straight pants that come with this set.

How to accessorise your festive wear kurtas

Add that finishing touch to your festive wear kurtas by accessorising with handbags and shoes. The all-new collection for women from Lifestyle Stores includes shoes from Rs. 799, sandals from Rs. 899, clutches from Rs. 799 and handbags from just Rs. 1,199. Designed with a festive theme in mind, they come in a range of vibrant colours, embellishments and shimmering metallic hues that are the perfect match to festive wear for women.

1.GINGER Women Solid Pointed Toe Mules

2.MELANGE Braided Toe-Ring Flat Sandals

For shoes, try the Beige or Pink pointed toe mules from Ginger. The shiny finish sets off the minimalistic solid design. You can also try the flat sandals from Melange by Lifestyle with braided straps and a toe-ring construction in Gold.

3.CODE Shimmery Evening Clutch with Metallic Chain


4.CODE Women Shimmery Clutch

Don’t forget to top off your outfit with a handbag. The shimmery evening clutch with a metallic chain in Silver and Gold from Code will pair well with most kurtas or ethnic wear styles, while the shimmery clutch in Black offers a more spacious design that looks more like a handbag.

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I was so confused about what to wear this Diwali. Then one of my cousins shared this article with me, and after going through this article, I was amazed that it has some best ideas and styles about festive kurta types for women.

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I loved how this blog of different festive kurta types for women gave detailed description of each types. After reading it I can surely pick one for myself

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I never knew there were so many different festive kurta types for women. This blog is so insightful and gives such great fashion tips. Loved it


I was looking for some festive kurta types for women that I can gift my sister, The outfit ideas mentioned in this blog really help me!