With makeup choices overflowing, we’ve narrowed down the list of essentials you can carry in your bag to slay your looks:

1. Statement lipstick

Nothing says bold quite like a bright shade of lipstick. With so many shades from pinks and oranges to browns and reds, you can have one for each outfit. (Research says nothing gives your look an instant lift as does red lipstick… Choose your red and go for it!)

2. Perfect eye shadow palette

The best part of having an eyeshadow palette is that it will go with almost all your outfits. Choose flashy colours like the pinks, blues and blues or the neutrals in beiges, browns and greys to light up your eyes instantly. Add a hint of glitter and you’ll shoot up the glam scale.

3. Mascara & eyeliner

A good mascara and eyeliner (yes, go for both) will go a long way in how your eyes stand out. With face masks becoming standard practice, highlight those ‘talking eyes’!

4. Concealer

Make sure you choose a concealer (dab on ones are good) a shade lighter than your complexion – but not too light. Blend with a sponge or fingertip below eyes, around the mouth and anywhere you feel your skin tends to be patchy. Seal in place with a light face mousse or powder. (Make sure you blend well.)

5. Blush or bronzer

Must for those special occasions. Boost your makeup look with a touch of blush on your cheeks. It adds a rosy glow to your face and works perfectly for those evening events. Bronzer, on the other hand, will add a sun-kissed glow to your complexion.

6. Hydrating face mist

Using face mist before and after your makeup smoothens it out evenly and brings on a light glow. Spraying the mist before putting foundation will help it blend better. A quick spray will set the makeup and help it last longer and will get rid of any residue. The extra hydration plumps up and revitalizes your skin too.

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