As much as all women out there are excited about the Lifestyle Sale starting, the men are equally enthusiastic about the FIFA World Cup which is on right now! This is the most important season for all football & sports lovers out there, and Kappa is here to make it all more exciting, with #KappaForFootball merchandise for boys – both kids & adults. This FIFA season, cheer your favorite team on, in Kappa jerseys, and spend some quality time with your son while you are at it. Here’s how you can make the most of the FIFA World Cup this year!

Rooting for your favorites

With the start of the FIFA World Cup, comes the picking of favorite teams and the cheering for your football idols. All football-crazy (or not) men out there have their own favorites when it comes to the World Cup, and they don’t leave any chance to show their support for their chosen team. This year, Kappa brings you athleisure jerseys in the colors of the teams you are rooting for, and you can make your support stronger by flaunting those tees with denims or shorts while you catch the matches with your buddies or even family. So, whom are you cheering for?


Father-son football fever

This football season can be a great time to strengthen your dad-son bond, over some exciting World Cup matches! If your son is as great a football-enthusiast like you, then make sure you guys catch up on FIFA World Cup games together and have a great time at it! Spend the evening at home with your son, both wearing your Kappa jerseys, in front of the TV, with some popcorn & cola for company. Or take your kid out to your best friend’s place where you guys can enjoy the matches along with his kids as well, and it can be all one big party! Make sure you buy the new #KappaSoccerMania merchandise for your little sports star and help him enjoy the World Cup to the fullest!

Sports bars for the win

Watching live football matches can be made more enjoyable if you head towards your nearest sports bar with a bunch of friends this FIFA World Cup season. The enthusiastic ambience at these places is rife with excitement, cheer & team spirit as total strangers bond over a game of football. Pick your favorite team jersey from the new range by Kappa, and sport it on the next game night at the happening sports bar in town, and have a great evening with the guys cheering for the best team! That combined cheer for a well-scored goal, or those sighs of frustration at a disappointing miss will bring you together in a warm spirit of sportsmanship. You’ll see, there’s a new high in catching the games in action with a room full of football-crazy men who will make you feel like a part of bigger brethren.

So, head over to your nearest Lifestyle store to get your hands on the new Kappa FIFA-themed athleisure range for yourself and your son too! What’s more, you can wear these cool jerseys with track pants, shorts or joggers for your gym sessions or morning runs too! Thanks to the exciting Lifestyle Sale going on online & in-store now, you even get amazing offers and up to 50% off on athleisure products! For #KappaSoccerMania, when you buy from the Kappa kids range for ₹2500/-, you’ll get a football or bag worth ₹999/- free! So, get set and enjoy the FIFA fever in full swing this year!

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