Fun comes into fashion when classics are dipped in rainbows. Yes, I’m talking about colored jeans! They’re not a fad – because they’re denim – they’ll never be out of style! And they’re slightly different than the regular classic pair of jeans – because they’re tinted with some extra multihued love!

ready to set up home in your wardrobe

Violets and purples, ice cool blues to indigos, olive and bottle greens, scarlets and maroons… Ooh the colors of the perfect dream are now in trend and all ready to set up home in your wardrobe!

How to style them, you may ask?

Pair them with classics

A white shirt or a full sleeved black sweater will work with each color! Choose the right silhouette based on the denim style, and you’re good to go. Or the trendiest look in style-town is a cute monochrome crop top with any of these!

Prints in the room?

There are two ways of pairing prints with these jeans. First, match one color of the print with the jeans – say if your shirt is a black and red checked one, pair it with a pair of maroon jeans. Second, go wild with contrasts. Stripes on your mind? Choose a red and yellow hued stripe top to go with, say, olive green jeans.

KRAUS Solid Slim Fit Ankle-Length Jeans

Color block your look

Choose solid, contrasting or matching colors and pair it right with your tinted denims. Go with your instincts and try on a few combinations to get the perfect mishmash. A light grey shirt with violet jeans? Or a yellow top with an indigo pair? Perfect!

Psst… add to this look with a lighter/darker shade of your denim as a jacket or an over-shirt.

KRAUS Solid Skinny Fit Cropped Jeans

You don’t need Instagram filters to get the colors right, paint your own picture with colors that you love!

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